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Welcome to Furby's Mansion

Cool Furby Sites

Electronic Furby! Everything you need to know.
Bah Zoo Kah! My fav furby site!
Furby Fun Land
So so so so so sad.
This is where I got Lamb Baby!
Official Website
This one makes me cry.
The 411
I always get a kick out of this.

What we have here in his little mansion:

Hey. Sorry about being so empty. I need your submissions. Send me anything at . You probably will take one look at this site and leave. At least I know it stinks. Hey, at least it IS a furby site. It has some good links on it. I suggest you go to the Storys page. It has quite and amazing story about a poor Furby named Koh Koh. Actually its a journal.You can look under the Cool Furby Sites to find the other parts of this site. Too da loo!