This website documents my attempt to bring every wrestler from every Fire Pro game into Fire Pro Wrestling D. The edits are more or less exactly how they appear in their original game because I use the same move lists, logic, stats, appearance , etc (though some guessing is required). I have all the real Spike edits, all of the missing characters from FP2, most of them from FPG, and a few of them from FFPW. I dont have FPZ, so thats out. And I dont care how the website looks, by the way. Im going for a minimalist thing.

The templates are listed at the bottom of the page. Directly below are the downloads. I grouped them based on what game they're in. All the links go to the same page, actually but you have to click the link then go to the first "fire pro" and then read the descriptions. They should be there.

Spike and FFPW edits - wrestler list
Fire Pro Wrestling G edits - wrestler list
Fire Pro Wrestling 2 and FFPW edits - wrestler list

The FFPW edits in the Spike and the FP2 downloads are the same. But I changed the appearance of Jerome LeBanner for the FP2 download (first costume to second) and moved him to K-1. The second costume was better suited to K-1. But I cant erase anything from this site, so...the old version is there. This is why I didnt want to use the site in case I see a mistake and want to upload the correction. But oh well. Its good enough for now, and I dont think theres any mistakes in the edits anyway. No major ones, at least.

Some of the edits have like "Edit 1" as the their organization. These are the addon feds. They correspond as follows:
Edit 1 = Pride
Edit 2 = ECW
Edit 3 = Zero-One
Edit 4 = UFO
Edit 5 = K-1

If you dont have these feds (or even if you do), put them wherever you want. In my game I also re-arranged the default characters' locations to correspond to the most updated roster (up to FP2) and moved everybody out of Freelance. Freelance was replaced by the Special fed in FP2. For some madcap fun that list can be checked out here

September 17, 2005
Everything is done for the ones I have stats for. Be pretty sweet to get those stats, but I dont know if its happening. I also made everything downloadable. And I added a guestbook in case you see a mistake or have a question or something. I might take screenshots of the edits to include on their pages if I get bored enough and can get a halfway decent picture of the tv.

Bad News Allen
Nobutaka Araya
Bob Backlund
Rocky Balboa
Black Buffalo
Dos Caras Jr
Mark Coleman
Randy Couture
Vanderlei Da Silva
Ted DiBiase
Tommy Dreamer
Bubba Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Everett Eddie
Mirko Filipovic
Doug Furnas
Ryuma Go
Gary Goodridge
Gerard Gordeau
Juventud Guerrera
Naohiro Hoshikawa
Ashura Hara
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Salman Hashimikov
Headhunter A
Headhunter B
Norio Honaga
Scotty 2 Hotty
Tom Howard
Hiromitsu Kanehara
Stacy Keibler
Killer Khan
Sanae Kikuta
Giant Kimala
Silver King
Koji Kitao
Freddy Krueger
Jerome LeBanner
Bruce Lee
Brock Lesnar
Naomichi Marufuji
Shane McMahon
Ikuhisa Minowa
Rey Misterio
Susumu Mochizuki
Michael Modest
Takeshi Morishima
Dick Murdoch
Shoji Nakamaki
Masayuki Naruse
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Chuck Norris
Candy Okutsu
Valentijn Overeem
Masutatsu Oyama
The Patriot
Harley Race
William Regal
Dusty Rhodes
Rick Rude
Bas Rutten
Akitoshi Saito
Masa Saito
Seiji Sakaguchi
2 Cold Scorpio
Dan Severn
Grand Master Sexey
The Sheik
Akira Shoji
Giant Silva
Giant Singh
Maurice Smith
Jimmy Snuka
Trish Stratus
Takashi Sugiura
Kenzo Suzuki
Minoru Suzuki
Shunji Takano
Ryoko Tamura
Hiroshi Tanahashi
Terrible Ted
Big Titan
Ultimate Warrior
Kaoru Uno
Katsumi Usuda
Dick Vrij
Hiroshi Wajima
Manabu Yamada
Kenichi Yamamoto
Kanda Yasushi
Yoshiaki Yatsu

No stats:
Francisco Filho (FFPW)
Renzo Gracie (FFPW)
Tsuneo Horiguchi (FFPW)
Kiyohara (FFPW)
Andrei Kopeloev (FFPW)
Raja Lion (FFPW)
Osamu Tachihikari (FFPW)

Phil LaFon (FPG)
Koji Nakagawa (FPG)
Takeshi Ono (FPG)
Masato Yakushiji (FPG)

Questions or comments can go in the guestbook below.

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Some interesting notes:

1. For some reason Batman only has 3 "special" moves

2. One of Rick Rude's "specials" is just his taunt. So I guess that hip dance thing does 50% more damage.

3. Everett Eddie basically can not win a regular wrestling match as hes depicted in FP2. They gave him no pins, no submissions, and "finisher only" for the "critical" section. No pins and no submissions are the standard for kickboxers (Aerts, Hoost, etc) but they always give them striking criticals. So I gave Eddie striking criticals too. Thats the only major change I made to the edits. If youre a purist, I guess you might want to change him back to having no criticals. But even with striking criticals hes pretty bad so taking that away makes him totally useless.

4. Some of the FP2 characters had moves that dont exist in FPD. So I tried to pick similar moves that had the same stats. Usually this worked pretty well. The biggest problem I can think of here was Stacy Keibler or one of the women wrestlers had a pinning move that doesnt exist in FPD. And there werent any pinning moves that had similar stats. So I just gave her that face-sit pin because I thought it funny. Anyway, none of this was an issue for FPG guys because I guess FPD has every move that was in FPG.

5. Related to four, I guess some (maybe most) of these missing moves exist as add-on moves but I dont use add-on moves and didnt want to bother with them. I probably should have noted when a move didnt exist in FPD in case somebody wants to use the add-on move, but I didnt think anybody but me would have gotten any use out of these edits.

6. Ground attacks arent in FP2 or FPG so those were all made up. I usually just selected the moves that the character had the highest affinity for. And I didnt touch the logic for ground moves. So its just the default values.

7. I had an heirarchy for deciding which game's version of a character to use. If the character was already in FPD by default then obviously I didnt create him. Then if it was an official Spike edit, I just used that. Then if a character was in both FPG and FP2, I used the FPG version. Because FPG's characters have more moves, basically.

8. I used FPSMS stats for all the FPG characters because I dont have FPG stats. Theyre probably similar, though.

9. I plan on getting FPZ and FPR eventually and I might add the missing characters from there into FPD. Or I might just not bother and concentrate on adding all the missing characters into FPR.

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