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The Film Sub-page

This was a rather vague concept for a Lord of the Rings parody, done entirely with Games Workshop models and other appropriately sized items we found lying around. The plot soon developed until there was a sizeable film with humour coming from completely different angles. The Original film somehow ended up being named "The Man with the Golden Ring", and a sequel, "From Mordor with Love" (you'd really have to see the entire thing to see how appropriate these names are), is currently under development. Unlike many Lord of the Rings Parody Films, these actually DO stick to the main plot of the book (Tom Bombadil is currently being worked in to an extended version of the original film), despite primarily trying to be funny. So far, the films have only had positive reactions from the people who have seen them. (Yay!)

A few brief Clips from the Film

Delicate Mordor-Gondor Politics
Introduction: Rind Can Breach It
The Uruk-hai fall into ranks (mpg)
Gondorian Fast Food Advertising
Ambush in Ithilien (mpg)
Golden Ring
The F-15 Eagles Are Coming! (mpg)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Mount Doom (mpg)