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First War of the Ring

A non-commercial site dedicated to Games Workshop's 2005 Online War of the Ring Campaign. Produced by Grimhelm of Snowbourn (as I am known on the GW Forum) This site was created with the special purpose of remembering the campaigners of the War of the Ring, but has expanded since then, and includes a surprisingly popular parody film among others. The original concept for the site began with Arytheriel's thread on the WoTR Forum, in which he asked people to post their profiles so that they could be used in battles after the campaign's end. However, sub-threads began to be deleted after two-weeks, so this is the new home for their statistics. (The older stats have been recovered from Google's cache of files: see the link below). This site is ostensibly non-commercial, but has some advertising that I have no control over as a result of the host site. Otherwise, I have kept this as simple as possible so that it is easy to navigate. Games Workshop adapts Lord of the Rings characters into game pieces to be used by players; I've taken this a step further, and adapted Lord of the Rings players into game pieces. Some people have the honour of writing and compiling detailed Gaming Supplements; I have the honour of compiling Player Profiles, and including the Tale of the Grand Host of Light (for which I have to thank its Grand Master - Tuor of Dol Amroth). I hope you will enjoy viewing this site as much as I enjoyed making it.

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