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"Walk no more in the shadows, but awake!' said Aragorn. 'You are weary. Rest a while, and take food, and be ready when I return.' 'I will, lord,' said Faramir. 'For who would lie idle when the king has returned?"
[from: Return of the King; The houses of Healing]



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Abundance by Your Cruise Director; also with Éowyn / Arwen (NC-17)
Éowyn realizes that there is plenty of joy to go around.
Eighth in the Seasons of Wonder Arc.
Warning: four people, one bed.

Air: Dark Veil by Melina (PG)
Faramir's battle against the darkness as he lies in the Houses of Healing. First of the 'Elements' stories.

The Angle of the Sun by Kirby Crow (NC-17)
Something is bothering Faramir.
Warning: Slash

Apple Harvest by Your Cruise Director (NC-17 for the series)
Arwen reminds her husband that life is for the living.
Written with Ashinae. Second in the Seasons of Wonder Arc.

At the Sign of the Prodigal Pigeon by Emma Keigh (NC-17)
Aragorn and Faramir find peace time boring.

Balm by Your Cruise Director (PG-13)
Peace and prosperity don't heal all the wounds of the Steward or the King.

Bedtime Story by Your Cruise Director; also with Éowyn (NC-17)
The Steward's wife asks him to tell her about the King.
Written with Ashinae. Ninth in the Seasons of Wonder Arc.
Warnings: Dirty talk! Intimations of cross-dressing! Explicit het! Explicit slash! Schmoop! Ecstatically happy non-monogamous behavior!

Birthday Present by Blossomwitch (NC-17)
I wrote this as a birthday present for my friend Liz, and it is coincidentally about a birthday present. It's a pentadrabble: 500 words.

Call Me Aragorn by Sunshine (NC-17)
Warnings: m/m spanking (hand and brush), slash

Careful by Your Cruise Director (NC-17)
The King and his Steward have not been as discreet as they could be.
Written with Ashinae. Tenth and last in the Seasons of Wonder Arc.
Warnings: Polyamory, post-sex rimming.

Chronicle of Scars: Cuts by Dernhelm (R)
Sometimes the deepest wounds cannot be seen by the eye, only by the soul.
Warning: Angst, angst, and a little more angst to boot. Serious emotional issues, self-mutilation. Graphic violent imagery, not for the sensitive. But lots of Hurt/Comfort, and some fluff. Yes, fluff. No sex. Deal with it.

Cloaked By Snowfall by Your Cruise Director (NC-17 for the series)
Aragorn and his Steward take refuge from a storm in an abandoned barn.
Third in the Seasons of Wonder Arc.

Crusade by Arctapus (NC-17)
This story is from the F-Q Fest list of challenges. What if Sauron did get the Ring back during the Fellowship´s journey? Aragorn, Faramir, Éomer and Legolas are hiding deep in the Misty Mountains and try to survive while trying to come up with a way to kill Sauron once and for all.
Warnings: Character death

The Cure by Minx (NC-17)
An extra dosage of a fever cure has side effects that are completely unforeseen.
Warnings: Slash, general angst, PWP

Dark Dreams by Lilith (R)
Sequel to Darkness and Light by Minx Kat and Lilith. Minx wanted to know what happened to Faramir when the fellowship arrived in Edoras and he was forced to confront Gríma and his personal demons. He finds that healing is a slow process.
Warning: Slash

The Dark Part of His Soul WIP by Athelas and Clairon; also with Boromir, OCs (NC-17)
The honourable Steward of Gondor meets a formidable opponent. Will he have the stamina to survive the experience or will the ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ kill him first?
Warnings: This was inspired by Warriors of Gondor and Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe. If you have read those you will know the sorts of adult situations included here – slash, het, group sex, blood, torture, drugs and character deaths. So if you are a little squeamish you should maybe not read further. On the other hand if you’ve always fancied the thought of Faramir naked, in chains; read on, your dreams may come true...
Chapters 1-4 · 5-7 · 8-10 · 11-13 · 14-16 · 17-19 / Alternate Ending · 20-22 · 23-25 · 26-28 · 29-32 · 33-36 · 37-39 · 40-42 · 43-44

Darkness and Light by Lilith and Minx (NC-17)
Faramir joins the Fellowship instead of Boromir. After being captured and abused in Moria, he is rescued and taken to Lórien for healing.
Warnings: Slash, violence, torture, rape, AU

Dreams of Hope by Stewardess (NC-17)
Lying in a fever in the Houses of Healing, Faramir is dreaming of Boromir and his king. Or is he?
A prequel to Twenty Years Wiser.
Warnings: Violence, horror, sexual situations, sibcest

Fear of Fire WIP by Blossomwitch (up to R)
After the war Aragorn tries to help Faramir through his fear of fire, and they make some pleasant discoveries along the way.

Festivity by Your Cruise Director (NC-17 for the series)
During a council, the King requests a private meeting with the Prince of Ithilien.
Written with Ashinae. Fifth in the Seasons of Wonder Arc.
Warnings: men in love, oral sex, polyamory.

Fire and Ice by Kris; also with Éowyn
Contrasts can balance a whole... another from the lotr_100 "romance" challenge.

Fire: Light and Heat by Melina (NC-17)
Aragorn shows Faramir his home in the North, and something far more important. Third of the 'Elements' stories.
Warning: Slash

First Night Rites by Emma Keigh (NC-17)
The night of Faramir and Éowyn’s wedding an ancient tradition is restored.
Warning: This story includes fem-slash.

Five Hearts by Sarah Eleven; also with Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf
Sequel to: Spoken For

Forgetting by Kris (G, but angsty)
He will never forget...

Forgiveness by The Fair One (NC-17)
Boromir is dead and the two men to whom he meant most are in great need of comfort.

The Gift of Silence by Kris (G)
For the "Solitude" challenge on tolkien_weekly ... I've never seen solitude as being alone, particularly, and it seemed to fit well with these two, solitary but never alone for most of their lives.

The Healer by Lilith (NC-17)
The King is not the only one with healing powers.
Warning: Slash

In The Sun by Ruby Nye; also with Merry and Pippin; Éowyn (PG-13)

Faramir sits in the sunshine with hobbits on his lap.
Warning: probably excessive levels of shmoop. interspecies, slash, het, explicit nonmonogamy

Joy and Sorrow by Minx (PG)
Healing, grieving, recovery...a very short post-ring war piece featuring Aragorn and Faramir.

The King and The Ranger by Minx (R)
Life after the war of the ring is not all roses, as Faramir discovers while trying to come to terms with the changes, losses and his own insecurities while everyone around him is celebrating.
Warnings: Violence, slash, angst

King of Hearts by Sarah Eleven (NC-17)
Hades gives the guys an ultimatum when they end up in Limbo.
Warnings: Yes, warnings. Beware of Hades, god of the Underworld

King Strider by Stewardess (NC-17)
In the year 15, Fourth Age, King and Steward go to the Brandywine Bridge, then take a side trip to Rivendell. Angst, love, shenanigans, and treason ensue. But mostly love. Five chapters.
A continuation of the Shining One series, picking up several years after Twenty Years Wiser.
Warnings: Sibcest angst. Impulsive Elves. Homoerotic content aka slash.

Long Goodbyes by Lilith (NC-17)
The Galadhrim depart for Valinor, much to Faramir's dismay. Sequel to Darkness and Light.

Warnings: Slash, angst, and AU

Loyalty by Minx (NC-17)
PWP – Faramir decides to offer Aragorn proof of his loyalty
Warnings: Explicit slash

Memories of Another by Minx (R)
The newly crowned king of Gondor, in deep mourning for his dead lover, decides to prove that he was irreplaceable. Slightly dark themes.
Warnings: Violence, slash

Memento Mori by Queen of Thorns (PG)
Faramir and Aragorn have a long overdue conversation

Only the Brave by Clairon (R)
Duty or desire? Fulfilment or forbearance? Which will Faramir choose?
Warning: adult themes are explored - if you don't like such things, please don't read!

Out of the Shadows by Minx (PG-13)
A take on what might have happened while Aragorn healed Faramir in the Houses of Healing

The Passing of Years by Your Cruise Director (R)
Faramir celebrates two birthdays: one with his brother, the other with his king.
Warning: Vaguely incestuous intimations, and slash.

A Place at His Side by SallySimpson (NC-17)
Faramir finds the love he’s dreamed about.
Warnings: light bondage

A Place at His Side: Reunited by SallySimpson (NC-17)
After years of turmoil, Faramir and Aragorn are reunited.
Warning: Unapologetic romance.

Private Tuition by Foofy; also with Legolas (NC-17)
Due to their positions of state, Aragorn and Faramir have little time to enjoy their relationship. Legolas decides that a bit of elven influence is needed.

A Promise by Minx (PG-13)
The day before the army rides out to the East, Aragorn pays a visit in the Houses of Healing, and finds a patient requiring some care and reassurance

A Quiet Night by Minx (R)
A quiet night after two weeks of separation and before a significant day...
Warning: A/F slash

Redemption by Elizabeth (PG)
Aragorn and Faramir are both grieving.
Warnings: Flagrant canon violation

Reflections on Absent Men by Your Cruise Director (PG)
Faramir, Arwen and Éowyn share a man and a ghost.

Relapse by Minx (NC-17)
A sequel to The Cure – Aragorn wishes to wait for Faramir to recover completely from his illness. Faramir is tired of waiting. And an herb from Khand seems a good solution.
Warnings: Explicit slash, PWP

Revelry by Night by Annie Harris (R)
Some time between the coronation of King Elessar and his marriage, Aragorn and Faramir investigate rumours of celebrations, but end by finding their own entertainment.
Warning: Unfashionably cheerful?

The Ritual by Valkyrie (NC-17)
The King and the Steward of the Realm have to undergo the Ritual, an ancient tradition of Gondor. Thus, the King will get to know his Steward better in order to fulfill this duty and in the way he will have to deal with Faramir's many doubts.
Warnings: m/m relationship

Scars WIP by Liz; also with Imrahil (R)
Scars from war are long to linger
Warnings: angst

Season of Wonder by Your Cruise Director; also with Éowyn (NC-17 for the series)
This, thinks Faramir, is how it feels to be the luckiest man alive.
Written with Ashinae. Fourth in the Seasons of Wonder Arc; this is a direct sequel to Cloaked By Snowfall.

Secrets Among Brothers by Your Cruise Director (NC-17 for the series)
Faramir discovers that he and Boromir shared a secret about Aragorn.
Written with Ashinae. Sixth in the Seasons of Wonder Arc.
Warnings: men in love, non-exclusivity.

Seducer by Angel-IR (NC-17)
Faramir is trained in secret arts. He believes he best serves the king by denying his feelings.

The Siege by Minx (PG-13)
Post LOTR - When Gondor goes to war against Harad, Faramir has to stay back to rule in Aragorn's stead. But things do not go as planned as Umbar takes advantage of the situation and attacks Minas Tirith.
Warnings: Mild
slash, angst

Snakebite by Your Cruise Director (R)
Faramir finds that sometimes the cure is as bad as the venom. Sometimes it's not.

Snowfall and Moonlight by Cahoskins (NC-17)
The fall of night during a harsh winter forces Aragorn and Faramir to take shelter in the deserted base of Henneth Annûn. But cold weather makes the bonds of arcane desires brittle, and passions soon ensue.

The Stone in the Bed by Your Cruise Director; also with Éowyn (R)
She's married, she's in bed, she's in love. With someone else.

Stubborn Stewards and Bright Red Paddles by KC
Faramir is about to be reacquainted with the Red Paddle. This is number three in the series that started with ‘Grief’ and ‘Elf, Wasps and an Angry Wizard’.
Warning: Spanking

Summons by Your Cruise Director (PG-13)
Many long months passed before they were able to stand side by side as companions, not as the Steward of Gondor and the King.

Taking Leave of Hope by Blossomwitch (PG)
The night before the Lords of the West march on Mordor, Aragorn must deliver a message.
HUGE DISCLAIMER: Major props to the Stewardess on this story, for allowing me to make use of a gesture she invented, and also for the title and a terrific beta.

To Love a King by Minx (NC-17)
Faramir’s relationship with Aragorn is under threat as both find that there are factors involved that they never thought to consider.
Warnings: Slash, angst, spanking

To Serve the King by Lilith (NC-17)
Twenty years before the fellowship, Thorongil comes to Minas Tirith to claim the throne of Gondor and encounters the sons of the Steward.
Warning: Slash, incest, BDSM

Trial and Judgment by Mcguffan (NC-17)
Post ROTK. How exactly is the race that is to rule the new age chosen?
Warning: Slash

Twenty Years Wiser by Stewardess (NC-17)
Post Ring War hijinks of Faramir, Aragorn, Éowyn, and Arwen. Some events in Shining One from Faramir's point of view. Four chapters. No heir has been born to the king and queen of Gondor; luckily there is a loyal steward close to hand. Alas, he'd rather be sleeping with the king. Sibcest, angst but no whining, mushy love talk, some het sex with a twist; you'll live through it. Don't worry about the plot -- it's NOT about pregnancy.
Warnings: Slash, sibcest

An Understanding by Clairon (G)
As, arguably, the second most powerful man in Gondor, Faramir must learn to understand his new King’s way of doing things.

Unfulfilled by Minx (R)
Faramir realises his desire for his King, but will it be reciprocated?
Warning: Slash

New Walk No More in the Shadows WIP by Minx and Iris (NC-17)
This is a sequel to "One Last Time" which gave an account of the last time Denethor molested his younger son. This sequel deals with Faramir's recovery after the War.
Warnings: References to predominantly incestuous rape; child abuse; violence. AU timeline.

Water: Through the Mirror by Melina (R)
Boromir looks into Galadriel's mirror. Second of the 'Elements' stories.
Warning: Slash

Wandering by Minx (PG)
Ficlet - Aragorn searches for Faramir in the shadows.
Warnings: Slash (implied mostly)

New Yearning by Minx (NC-17)
AU…Aragorn returns to Minas Tirith with the ring and finds and injured Faramir
Warnings: Angst, possibly non-consensual situations, AU