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Welcome to HQ.  

Who is your favoriot animorph?
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Hello, my name is Mike.

SICENCE FICTION FANS ONLY  Read Animorphs read them in order 1 to the end!   You can find it in libraries so look and enjoy 

Caution  Read all directions if New to this Website!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the small print 

    This is Ax he is a Andalite he is trying to save the human race.  Not to mention the other Animorphs

You see a part of a space ship crash landed on planet earth because the andalites and the Yeerks were fighting above the earth in space.  The yeerks blew up one of the andalite ships some of the ship fell into the earths atmosphere and crashed.  Jake, Cassie, Rachel, Marco, and Tobias happened to be walking in a abonded site.  The 5 of them looked up and saw something strange in the sky falling towards them.  They hid among the rubble.  A voice in their heads said not to be afraid and they came out!  They were given the power to morph into any animal they touched. The person that gave the power was Elfangor his brother had fallen into the ocean which was found later.   The animorphs name was made by Marco.  They were told by Elfangor to fight against the Yeerks that they were about to infest humans and take over their brains and control them he told them to not trust anyone.  Anyone can be a Yeerk and they still look like normal humans!  ARE YOUR PARENTS, NEIGHBORS,  FRIENDS,  BROTHERS, OR SISTERS Yeerks!?!?!?!?!