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I love you all!!


~ Jessie...the most aggrivating but bestest friend a chik could
ever have!! She's my GUm Drop Buddy and my lover!! I love her
soOo much. You all try to take away from me ill killl yu. Ya hear
that Becca. Yea yu heard me Lol!! I'll always be there for yu
jessie, no matter what ♥

"No don't forget about me.Dont leave!!"


My Little Princess!!
~Robert.::My Everything::. He's the most perfect gentelman and the best boii friend and best
a gurl could ever have. I love HIM soOo much!! Your fun and stupid at som times, especially
during your blonde moments, but i can always talk to you and you listen to all my crap, even though
you probably dont even give 3 crapiolas. Your enthusiastic about everything i do. I never know the
right thing to say to yu but yu always do. Everything i say never comes out right and it sounds totally offensive but yu put up with it and sometimes get what i mean. Im not mean im just not good at
expressing my feelings, i ussually have to write them down. And your happy for me most of the time
& always hyper. And even if i bore yu talking about crap all the time, and my stupid stories
which always happen to be those "you had to have been there" stories when we talk on the phone
for hours yu still to at least try to listen or at least try to act like yur to listening most of the time (im
still not quite surewhich one itis) unless yur ADD kicks in, which i cant stand, but i cant stay being
mad at yu. Its not right Lol. A day without yu is like taking candy from a child except i dont want yu
i need yu. No worries its not like im obsessed with yu I just kare about yu too much. But is there
really a limit to caring....oh well. Your the best and I'll always love you. I hope you love me too.