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Devine Intervention: Physical Immortality Mandatory is Devine Intervention


My DEVINE INTERVENTION is what's Quickening

Miss Dakota Fanning from Spielberg's ^TAKEN^ Alien Abduction Series

"You know that creating children to die really sucks!!!""

King of all Indigos?
Conversations with God
Conversations with God

"And, they say, there's no limit in sight!"

Gains in Human Life Expectancy: Reprinted from Science(magazine)2002;296

Devine Intervention The gains in human life expectancy over the past century-and-a-half have been nothing short of "astonishing," according to researchers. And, they say, there's no limit in sight.
This idea of ever-increasing longevity stands in contrast to the historical view that the human life span must soon hit a "ceiling," according to Jim Oeppen, of Cambridge University in the UK, and James W. Vaupel, of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock, Germany.

However, through the years, forecasted limits to life expectancy have been proven wrong time and again, the researchers write in the May 10th issue of Science.

Currently, Japanese women hold the world "record" for average life expectancy, at nearly 85 years of age. In 1840, Swedish women topped the world, expecting to live to the ripe old age of 45.

Oeppen and Vaupel call this 40-year gain, which occurred steadily over time, perhaps
"the most remarkable regularity of mass endeavor ever observed."
For 160 years, the researchers note, the top life expectancy has risen by a quarter of a year, each year. What's more, they claim, there is no reason to believe a leveling-off is imminent.

"If life expectancy were close to a maximum, then the increase in the record expectation of life should be slowing. It is not," Oeppen and Vaupel write.

And, they add, past predictions of the average human-life limit have proved wrong--such as a 1928 projection based on US data that, absent any "radical innovations," the ultimate life expectancy for men and women would be just shy of age 65.

But while this new outlook on life expectancy may sound good, Oeppen and Vaupel also point to some practical concerns. Currently, they write, private and public decisions--from choosing how much to sock away for retirement to setting policies on Social Security (news - web sites) and other government programs--are based on the idea that life expectancy will soon hit a ceiling.

Instead, the researchers assert, it would be "reasonable" to assume the top life expectancy will keep growing by 2.5 years per decade, as it has in the past--in which case, the world's top average life expectancy will be age 100 in about 60 years.

They add, however, that such modest, steady increases "will never lead to immortality. shall we stop killing all children yet"

Robert Ray Hedges ads...."as taken from the above dialogue, there is a HUGE contradiction. It is this: "There's no limit in sight!" and "They add, however, that such modest?, steady increases "will never lead to immortality." I will restate it as: "Since there's no limit in sight!" then these steady increases "will definitely lead to immortality." I like my attitude, don't you?"

This is my whole premise for hauling the entire human race into Internet Court and reminding all humans of three facts!
1.) Humans create both the life and death of all children.
2.) Humanity created its own Laws regarding premeditated murder, of which breeding to kill is the most wide spread violation by humanity of Humanities own Law.
3.)From the above statement as evidence, Some of Humanity, by its own intent, is terminating breed to kill by extending Life, using coordinated Science. As I now draw The Most Ethical/Morality conclusion from the above facts, I state to you, Humanity, that by your own Laws, you are about to lose your freedumb. Immortality, by your own Laws and your own Facts.....Is Now both Legal and Mandatory. If you truly believe this is not so, then turn to every child you see in Life and tell them into their EYES that you refuse to immortalise their tender and precious lives. You did this to yourselves.
I am Happy!
Robert Ray Hedges
Christmas 2002

DAKOTA FANNING [Age 8]: ((About I Am Sam; movie)) Well, it has a really great meaning behind it!The lesson that I hope
everyone will learn when they see the movie is that it doesn't matter what car you drive and what apartment or house you live in,
or even what you look like on the outside. It just matters what your heart looks like. [It's about] your ability to LOVE!!!