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Nuclear Power

    Nuclear energy is one of the most used sources of power in the world, because it is so effective compared to other sources like hydro

or wind power that just aren't effective enough for our excessive needs for electricity. Nuclear power isn't like any other sources of

power, it doesn't give off gases and it can't be burnt, it does though give off waste unlike hydro and solar power, nuclear power gives off

nuclear waste, a lot of nuclear waste that remains radioactive for thousands of years, this waste is so radioactive that if it comes in

contact with human tissue is can in some cases kill it instantly. Even though nuclear power is very dangerous and very unstable

countries still use it, but you would think that some people would have learned there lesson with the 3 mile island incident to USA in

1979 which injured over 2000 people or the  Chernobyl accident in the Soviet Union which was a full meltdown contaminated an

estimated 17 million people to some degree, released 1.85 x 10 to the 18th bequerel (1,850,000,000,000,000,000) of radioactive

material 134 people showed signs of acute radiation sickness immediately after the accident. Many of the 28 people who died from

acute radiation sickness many had skin lesions covering 50 percent of more of the body. After the fire, 135,000 people evacuated the

area around the reactor, and 800,000 "liquidators" moved in to try to decontaminate the area. Between 17 and 45 percent of these folks

received doses between 10 and 25 centigrays (10 to 25 rads). (For comparison, in the United States the annual dose permitted general

public is 0.1 rads; nuclear workers are permitted 5 rads.)

    So what can we do with material this radioactive? USA is trying to put it Yucca mountain, which is about 160 km north-west of LA.

Some people think this is a very good idea since space seems to be running out for the highly radioactive material, but then some people

are trying to stop it because they want to save this mountain from being gated off and never being seen by the public eye again. The

way nuclear power works is a neutron is sent into the reactor and this neutron clods with the uranium atom and makes the uranium

unstable and with a huge amount of energy the uranium splits into two atoms and these atoms loose a couple of neutrons which run into

other uranium atoms and the process starts over again. When the uranium splits the great amount of energy it produces also gives off a

great amount of heat which is sent through pipes until it gets to where the water is and it makes the water boil and it turns into steam

which turns the turbine which again turns the coil near the magnets and creates energy. This process seems very much the same as

fossil fuel, except the fact that a few pounds of uranium can create enough electricity to power a large city for a year where as it would

take several tonnes of coal.

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