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College Football Recruits

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Hi my name is Christopher Dubay I have played football for more then 10 years and have been coaching ever since I ended my playing career. I have been in the recruiting process for a long time and have seen the good and the bad. I would like to think that the only recruiters out there are good ones but this is not the case. I remember what it was like for me in high school because I had an older bother who went through the process. My father was well aware of the recruiting process and helped me a long the way. Some parents are not as informed as my father and mother were and some kids my have lower or higher expectations. The service I want to provide is guidance. I want to be there for a student to answer questions whenever he needs me and offer guidance, not reinsurance about a decision. I believe one of God greatest gifts to human is free will and I am not offering the service to brainwash anyone. I am here for guidance and help for both the parent and student-athlete.

I will Provide a number of services but I would first like to explain myself and a little more on my background. I lived a majority of my life in Plattsburgh,New York but have lived the past seven years in Dudley,Massachusetts. I attended Bridgeton Academy, which is a Post graduate prep-school. I then made a decision to go to Nichols College. I played four years of varsity football and have been coaching ever since. This website and service is not intended to be a recruiting service for Nichols but this is intended to be a help service in the recruiting process.

I am familiar with many colleges and all divisions. I have worked hand in hand in the recruiting process along with helping admissions out many times. I know what Colleges are looking for but more importantly I will make sure you and your son know what you should be looking for. I will evaluate the student academically, athletically, and socially. I will take a close look at the SATíS and GPA and comment on what options are available.

Athletically I will evaluate technique, strength, speed, and soul. I will talk to each college and provide comments on what he needs to work as an athlete that will help him succeed in college. This is not a magic potion your son will have to put a lot of hard work into making him the college athlete he wants to be. Everyone college is looking for the well rounded student and the social aspect of a student is just as important as every other category. I will discuss this with the parents and son to figure out how favorable the son looks in this category. I will also offer comments on how to improve this category. I could write for many hours about this topic and the various services I can and will provide but this website is just a taste and if you feel that my service can help you or your son please do not hesitate to contact me.
Christopher Dubay
BSBA Nichols College
MBA Nichols College



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    First Step - This is the basic information to help you and your son pick a college that is right for you. This information is provided free of charge and is an example of how I can help your son in his decision.

    Results - are the results of the students that I helped located a college and how they are doing.


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