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Ahh, the good stuff. Most of the fiction here will be Legolas/Gimli or Aragorn/Faramir, but I have been known to deviate. WIP (works in progress) fics should be updated at the very least once a month, two weeks if I'm with it.

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Bigger Things Legolas/Gimli; PG. This is a sequel to my first fic, Little Things, but it should read as a stand-alone as well. At a party in Minas Tirith, Legolas and Gimli maneuver towards revealing their feelings for each other--impeded by Haldir.

Darkest Before Dawn WIP. Pairing: Legolas/Gimli, Legolas/Others, rated R. Based on a plot bunny by Cheysuli. Legolas disappears during the battle of Helm's Deep--one year later, Gimli sets out to find him only to discover he's been taken captive by cruel men. Warnings: MPreg, Rape, AU, some violence.NOTE: This fic has been discontinued due to a lack of inspiration. I apologize, but I just can't make myself work on it. I hope the discontinuation won't be permanent, but don't expect an update in the near future.
Chapters One and Two Chapters Three and Four Chapters Five and Six Chapter Seven

Degrees of Separation Pairing: Legolas/Gimli, rated PG. Told by Gimli's cousin, the story of how Gimli lost his love in the Ring War. Don't worry, there's a happy ending. For once, I actually own something in this story: Droin is mine, all mine. (cackles evilly)

Fear of Fire Updated WIP Pairing: Aragorn/Faramir. Rating: Most chapters of this fall under PG-13, but there will be some R at the very end. After the war Aragorn tries to help Faramir through his fear of fire, and they make some pleasant discoveries along the way.
Chapters One and Two Chapters Two and Three Chapters Five and Six Chapters Seven and Eight Chapters Nine and Ten Chapters Eleven and Twelve Chapters Thirteen and Fourteen Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen

Little Things Pairing: Legolas/Gimli, rated G. At a party in Minas Tirith, Aragorn notices some changes in the relationship between his two friends. My first fanfiction!

Never Forget Pairing: Legolas/Gimli, rated R. Legolas and Gimli get into a heated argument over Legolas's kin...but of course they make up in the best way. Warnings: sex scene, serious sweetness overload.

Something Beautiful WIP Updated Pairing: Legolas/Gimli, rated PG for now. Before the battle of Helm's Deep, Gimli needs a reminder of what they are fighting for. Parts 1 and 2 complete; 3 to follow.

A Sun-Kissed Shadow Pairing: Denethor/Faramir, rated R for incestuous implications. A confrontation between father and son late at night. Major Warning One: This fic deals with the aftermath of nonconsensual incest; features Evil!Denethor. Major Warning Two: Written in half an hour in the middle of the night because it wouldn't leave me alone. The title may not make sense; I couldn't think of one so I picked my favorite line from the story.

The Only Vow Surprise elf/elf, rated R. "It is the only thing he's ever asked of me, and the only vow I've ever made to him." The pairing in this piece should become obvious long before the end, but I want the audience to discover it for themselves. Warning: a tad angsty; "creative" interpretation of the timeline.

Things That Fade Legolas/Gimli, rated G. A short and sweet ficlet; an unexpected rainstorm leads to unexpected revelations.

Up A Tree Pairing: Legolas Gimli, rated G. The silly story of how Legolas wound up trapped in a tree with a dwarf standing guard.

What Boromir Saw Pairing: You'll find out; rated R for a factor in the pairing that squicks some people. In Lorien, Boromir describes what he saw when Galadriel tested him. One-shot, unbetaed but I'm very proud of it. :)

What To Do When Your Pillow Refuses to Remove His Armor Pairing: Legolas/Gimli (surprise, surprise), rated PG-13. On the road to Helm's Deep, Legolas insists to Gimli that he name a forfeit for having won the orc-slaying contest at Helm's Deep, and interesting things ensue.

Bigger Things
Darkest Before Dawn
Degrees of Separation
Fear of Fire
Little Things
Never Forget
Something Beautiful
A Sun-Kissed Shadow
The Only Vow
Things That Fade
Up a Tree
What Boromir Saw
What To Do When Your Pillow Refuses to Remove His Armor