Birthday Present

"This could be considered an attempt on my life, you know," Aragorn said. "I should call the guards."

Eowyn and Arwen only giggled as they marched him down some unknown hallway, each of them holding onto one of his arms. A blindfold was securely in place over his eyes. "You don't want to spoil the fun, Estel," Arwen said in a mock-hurt voice. "Eowyn and I worked very hard to get you your birthday present."

Eowyn only giggled harder, making Aragorn very nervous. After all, with his wife, there was no telling what might happen. And he couldn't imagine what it was that the two highest ranking women in Gondor would have to work very hard to get.

Any notions of escape left his mind when they suddenly slowed and he both heard and sensed a door opening in front of them. He was ushered inside, and through the blindfold he could perceive a change of light, from the bright afternoon sunlight to a dim, musky sort of light. He could also feel the heat of candles--why would these crazy women draw the curtains and light candles in the middle of the day?

Then, to his relief, he felt his blindfold being loosened. He tried to look around but Arwen's hands immediately came up over his eyes. "Arwen," he said in a complaining tone.

There was immediately some kind of noise--a muted noise, like someone had tried to speak through a gag. A male noise. Aragorn immediately started to sweat; there was someone else in the room. "Patience is a virtue, my husband," Arwen chided. Before Aragorn could demand to know what was going on, Arwen continued, "Do you want us to give you your birthday present now?"

Aragorn was at a loss for what to say. "Trust me, you'll like it," Eowyn said from behind his left ear, making him jump.

Thoughts of what Eowyn and Arwen might have had to conspire together to get him suddenly invaded Aragorn's head, and certain other portions of his body. "Yes," he managed to murmur weakly.

Arwen lifted her hands from his eyes. They were in his bedroom. Lying on the bed before him was Faramir--well, "lying" was not really the right word--bound was more like it. His wrists were securely fastened above his head, causing the muscles of his back to quiver in strain, and he was both gagged and blindfolded. The ladies had thoughtfully spread some kind of oil on his body that was making it glisten in the candlelight.

"Oh," was all Aragorn could manage to say.

"We won't expect you for dinner. Have a happy birthday, Estel," Arwen said. They each kissed one of his cheeks, and then holding hands and giggling Arwen and Eowyn bolted from the room, locking the door behind them.

Faramir made some kind of noise, that might have been a panicked "Aragorn?" if the gag hadn't distorted it.

Birthdays, Aragorn reflected as he started to undo his belt, were a very good thing.

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