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Bindi's Fansite


This website contains items of a Slashy nature. If depictions of romantic and/or sexual relationships between two men bother you, you might want to wander off somewhere else.



12/4/06: The Graphics page has been re-done and added to. Icons: 9 Boromir, 4 Good Omens, 1 Atlantis, 2 Misc. Wallpapers: 1 Atlantis & 1 Good Omens.

17/11/05: Added yet another new McBeck fanvid, 'Something Stupid'. Also now have a links & fanlistings page that is currently fairly bare, but will be added to in the future.

12/10/05: Another new McBeck fanvid added, 'Running Away'.

6/10/05: Added a new McBeck fanvid, 'When I Can't Have You'.

11/9/05: A new McBeck wallpaper has been added to the graphics page.


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