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The following steps should be followed when starting a new aquarium or fish tank, To read more visit the website   fish

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If you are new to fish keeping then this fish section is for you.

The following steps should be followed when starting a new aquarium or fish tank.

1. DECIDING WHICH FISH  TO KEEP:   The first and the most important thing to decide before buying your aquarium or fish tank and other equipment, is to decide which Fish you want to keep. Each type of fish has a different requirement regarding the fish tank size and other water parameters. So, decide whether you want to keep Gold fish, Oscar fish, Cichlid fish, Angel Fish, Arowana fish, Betta Fish, Discus fish, Guppy fish or other "fish"........................ .........................etc. Then you also have to decide whether you want to set up a species tank (only one kind of fish) or a community tank ( More than one species of compatible fish together). As you might be aware there are hundreds of fish species available and any website no matter how big it is can only provide information on only a limited fish and the popular Fish species, you can access this information in the FISH section of our site. But We would suggest that you should get the free membership to the "Aquarium_club" , there you will meet many Expert fish professionals and you can chat with them about fish or ask you questions about fish through emails and these old hands will be able to tell you about any fish species which you want to keep. All this is free and is powered by YAHOO. To join the Aquarium_Club click on the link below.

Click to subscribe to aquarium_club

2. BUYING THE AQUARIUM:  Aquariums or fish tanks come in many shapes and size starting from a small fish bowl to even bigger than massive sixteen feet long aquariums. Before you buy the aquarium or fish tank, you must realize that the aquarium when filled up with water will weigh a lot. So make sure you have a sturdy stand which can support the weight of your aquarium along with water and gravel. You should buy the biggest aquarium you can afford, because

( i ) A bigger aquarium helps to maintain stable water conditions by reducing the temperature fluctuations etc., thereby keeping your fish healthy and happy.

( ii ) A bigger aquarium allows you to keep more number of fish.

Note: You can save alot of money by MAKING YOUR OWN AQUARIUM and other DO-IT-YOURSELF stuff.


3. BUYING THE EQUIPMENT: Here is a list of equipment you need to buy for your Aquarium. Though you can save a lot of money by making most of this equipment yourself by following the instructions in our DIY section.

bulletCanopy Hood with Lights
bulletGravel and decorations
bulletAir Pump and Air Stones
bulletAdditives and Medicines
bulletWater Test Kits
bulletFish Food


4. CYCLING THE TANK : Now that you have bought the aquarium and the equipment, you need to arrange the gravel and your equipment in your tank. Then add water to you aquarium, but be aware that at many places the tap water contains CHLORINE, which can kill your fish. To remove chlorine you can add the " CHLORINE REMOVER" chemical or better still you can fill the water in a container, put one of your airstones to aerate the water and keep the container in bright light. This process will remove the chlorine naturally , there by saving your money, save more money read our DIY Section. Donot buy your fish yet as you need to established or cycle your tank. Most of the new comers to the hobby end up losing the fish because they are unaware of the importance of cycling the aquarium. Cycling of tank is a very important topic and must be described in detail. So we have written a whole article on cycling of aquarium, CLICK HERE to read the article and donot proceed further till you have read and understood the article.




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