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Welcome to Lord of the Rings: Page 6!

    Here you can find many beautiful wallpapers and posters of all three Lord of the Rings movies! I hope you will enjoy these lovely pictures!

    Hier vind je vele mooie wallpapers en posters van alle drie Lord of the Rings films! Ik hoop dat je zal genieten van deze mooie foto's!

Click on a photo for a larger version
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Return of the King movie poster. Poster Return of the King. Beautiful Rivendell.
Lovely Rivendell. Rohan. Samwise Gamgee.
Samwise Gamgee. Shadowfax, the beautiful horse. Theoden, King of Rohan.

Wedding Aragorn & Arwen. Wedding Aragorn & Arwen. Wedding Aragorn & Arwen.

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