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Marion Raven

Miss Beautiful Raven

Marion Raven


Marion Elise Ravn was born on May 25, 1984. Since her girlhood Marion has always been singing, dancing and acting. She has been in musicals as "Annie", "Sound of Music" and "Percy Malone", TV-shows, been cartoon voices, told fairytails on the radio, danced ballet, been a mannequin for childrens clothing and sung on many different records.

In 1996 Marion and her friend, Marit Larsen, released a record of Norwegian children songs titled Marion and Marit synger kjente barnesanger (= "Marion and Marit sing popular children's song").

In 1998 Marion Raven and Marit Larsen formed the pop duo M&M. Marion made demostration tapes of pop songs in Oslo, and she started to write her first pop songs, including "Girl In Your Dream". Today, Marion is known as a vocalist, song-writer, pianist and guitarist. She is ambitious, professional, strong and focused.

Marion started recording at Waterfalls Studio in Grünerløkka, a part of Oslo, the capital of Norway. Marion and her friend, Marit Larsen, signed a contract with Atlantic Records in New York in June 1998. M&M changed name to M2M. Their first single "Don`t Say You Love Me" was released in the autumn of 1999. Their American debut single was certified gold in the USA. The single Don't Say You Love Me is a track on the soundtrack of the movie Pokemon. Britney Spears, Christina Aquilera, Emma Bunton, Aaron Carter and B*Witched had tracks on this soundtrack. It was # 21 on the American Billboard list in January 2000, and it was # 20 on The Official UK Singles' Chart in March 2000. It was, however, not released in Great Britain. It was # 1 in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Thailand (platina), Philippines (gold), Malaysia and South-Chorea. It sold 700.000 copies in the USA.

M2M performed their debut (seven songs) concert at the Epcot center in Disneyworld February 14, 2000. There M2M had also its first American press conference.

In the summer of 2000 M2M had a tour in the USA, that lasted in ten weeks. M2M performed also a concert in Mexico, where "Don't Say You Love Me" was at the top of the sales lists. M2M had also a tour i southeast Asia. This summer they spent 3 weeks in Lørenskog, Norway.

In the period of Sept 14 - Oct 22, 2000, M2M was support for the brothers Hansson in their tour. They performed 21 places in Canada, Mexico and the USA, including Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri.

Marion wrote 8 songs of M2M's first album Shades of purple. It was released in 2000, and it was promoted in 22 countries in Asia, Europe and the USA. It was # 89 at Billboard's album list in ten weeks. The album sold 1,1 million copies worldwide. It was certified 3 platinas, 2 platinas, platina and gold in eight countries. It was certified platina in Thailand and Indonesia and gold in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Chorea and Taiwan.

The single Mirror, Mirror was one of the ten most successful cd-singles in the USA in 2000. It sold 350.000 copies in the USA. The single was certified gold in the USA.

M2M's third single Everything You Do was released in January 2001.

M2M's second album The Big Room was released in the USA in February 2002. Marion has written 95% of the songs on the album. It was produced in Boarsville Studio in Woodstock. "Big Room" is a mature and band oriented album

In September 2001 the video of the first single Everything of the album The Big Room was filmed. In October 2001 a remixed version of the album was released in Asia.

In the summer 2001 M2M performed in a commercial for Ti Three Facial Foam. The commercial was produced in Australia, and it was aired in Thailand and Singapore. In the Philippines a collection of M2M's 7 videos was launched on the market. "Not Too Young" in the successful TV-series "Young Americans". In half a year M2M promoted the album in Norway, Denmark, Spain, USA and Asia. In April and May the album was launched in Europe.

M2M played 3 songs, including Everything, the first single from The Big Room, in episode # 100 of the popular TV-series Dawson Creek, and the episode was aired in the USA on Thursday January 17/Friday January 18, 2002. As usual, Marion performed the song with female soul power.

On Tuesday June 14, 2002, in Tampa, Florida M2M start participating as support for Jewel in her American Tour, that was planned to last in six weeks. At the same time, M2M were spokeswomen for a music contest, that was sponsored by Pantene Pro-V. On Thursday July 18 the final of the music contest took place in New York, and the final was M2M last concert ever.

The Big Room was less than successful for Atlantic Records, who withdraw their tour support for M2M halfway through Jewel's American Tour in July. M2M performed 22 of 29 concerts. Generally, M2M had been a successful, especially in Asia. M2M had been an interesting and instructive period of four years for Marion, because it was the presupposition for her new career as a solo artist.

Marion started recording in week 34 (Aug 19 - 25) at Hitsville studio outside Halden in the county of Østfold, the southeasternmost county of Norway.

Marion will sign a million dollar contract with Atlantic Records in New York in January 2003. She will be a solo artist, and she will work on a new album in New York, which will be released within 9 months. Her new solo album will present her new songs. She will be a worldwide priority.

As a guest soloist, Marion song Christmas hymns together with the St. Laurentius Choir in Skårer church on Sunday December 22, 2002. When she was between 7 - 14 years of age, Marion was a member of the St. Laurentius Choir. She song the hymns "Nu tändes tusen julelys", "Away in a Manger" and "En stjerne skinner i natt".

She celebrated Christmas with her family in Lørenskog. Her wishes for Christmas is peace on earth, clothes and CD's.

Marion Raven