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The Glass House Trilogy -- Glass House, A Glass Darkly & Looking Glass -- began in Queensland, Australia. My husband Max headed a teaching program at James Cook University, called RATEP. The goal of the program was to teach Aboriginal people to become teachers. Through this program we traveled the outback, met many native people, learned customs, stories, mythologies and beliefs. They all contributed to Glass House.

When Max and I came to the United States, I wanted to adapt Glass House into a screenplay but I didn't know how. So, I signed up on many screenwriting lists and put the word out that I was looking for a screenwriting partner. No takers. I was told, time and again, "We prefer to write our own stuff." After a year of looking, I decided I'd try my hand at it and signed up for a screenwriting list that hosted over 1000 people, from beginner to produced writers. I introduced myself and told my story. Within days I had several private emails from accomplished screenwriters who had visited this website, read the excerpts and decided they wanted to work with me! That's how I found Dan Guardino, my partner. He's had scripts produced and works for film companies. He's experienced and connected. That became evident when he put our first script out, Glass House, and over 30 producers, directors and actors requested it for a reading.

We signed a contract with SlamDunk Film Festivals to package the script into a full project and it's still there. Profeta Pictures is one of the producers signed as an investor and Charles Picerni signed as the director. Picerni has directed in many films [Ghost, Lethal Weapon 2, Die Hard 2, and many more] and he's done many episodes for the Sci Fi Channel's Tales From the Crypt.

To date, the script is still being packaged but 'names' such as Peter Jackson and George Lucas showing interest keeps us hoping for the best!

I'll update you as we go along....but you can now buy the book in hardcopy at Mundania Press so get a head start and buy it now. *G*



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