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An Author's Biography - Guntis Goncarovs

Guntis Goncarovs was born in Seneca Falls, New York
in September 1956.

Through his childhood, he listened to the stories of the idyllic land his parents had emigrated from. He spent time during his high school years dabbling in short fiction and poetry. At Mynderse Academy, he was active in football, track, concert band, and a debate club which focussed on international relations.

Hearing first hand stories

He left Seneca Falls to start college at the State University of New York at Albany. After two years, he moved to Rhode Island, where he started to develop the background for his historical fiction works. He also met his wife, Joan, in Rhode Island.

Research in the homeland

Eventually, he moved to Connecticut and started to raise his family while continuing work on his writing. Most of his writing at this stage was heavily influenced by Russian writers, with deep description and symbolism. Most influential was his distant relative's book, "Oblomov" by Ivan Goncharov. He traveled to Latvia three times in the 1990's, his first visit to accompany his mother to re-unite with her estranged sister of 50 years. It was in Connecticut where he finished his degree in Chemistry.

In Russia, with interpreter

The family moved to central North Carolina in 1999, where he continued polishing the family saga which had grown to over 1000 pages. Through editing, Telmenu Saimnieks became the first book to be edited into a clearly more American style of writing. At this time, two additional Telmeni stories are in the final stages of editing.

Telmenu Saimnieks was accepted by iUniverse's Writer's Showcase in April 2002, and published in May 2002.

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