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How We Met

It was the first day of school in the fall of 2000. We took the same math class, sitting not too far from each other. I was thin then, and he was playing football, so he did not look to shabby himself. I remember thinking, "How can I get him to notice me?" So, I wore the cutest clothes I could find. I would do anything to get him to fancy me. About a month or so into the class, we started saying a few words to each other. Like, "Do you have a pencil I could barrow?" or "Do you have the notes from yesterday? I missed class." I definitely had a crush on him. It turned out I had to drop the class, so RJ and I would no longer see each other. Eight months went by before he and I would meet again, and I would be lying if I said I hadn't thought about him on occasion. It was Friday night, sometime in early May 2001. My friends and I were having fun hopping from one party to the next. We were running to the next party when I saw RJ walking toward me from across the street. I was a little intoxicated and he was looking really good in his leather jacket. I remember approaching him feeling nothing but tingles throughout my body. I said, "Hi!" and before he could say anything, I kissed him. He didn't even have a chance to react before I was gone. You see, my friends and I were on our way to the next party and time was of the essence. That same night, I ran into my friend Stephanie who had also taken the same math class as RJ and I did. I told her the story about what had happened earlier that night with RJ. She immediately asked, "What are you going to do about it?" I answered her question with, "I am going to find him." A few days went by and I could not stop thinking about Stephanie's question. I had to do something to try and find him. I knew that he was on the football team and his name was RJ Green. I went to the football website, thinking I could find more information, but I had no such luck. I wanted his address or even better, his phone number. With nothing but dead ends, I was running out of options. To my surprise, Stephanie and I ended up running into each other once again, and she said she had some good news. To find out it was very good news! She had talked to RJ. She said she asked him about the girl that had kissed him and ran away. He said, "Oh yeah, Jen?!" I remember thinking, "He remembered my name!" He continued by saying that he was the hot shot that night with all of his friends because they thought it was the coolest thing that some girl had the balls to kiss him and run away without a word. She continued by saying, "He wished that there was some way to find you." I immediately interrupted by saying, "Well, what did him you tell him?" She answered with, "He gave me his phone number to give to you." I think I screamed with excitement, I finally had his phone number! Now I just had to get enough courage to call him. My friends all said if I had enough courage to run up and kiss him, I had enough courage to give him a call. It was May 26, 2001, about four o'clock in the afternoon when I picked up the phone to call him. I remember picking up the phone, dialing the first few numbers and hanging up. I dialed a few more times before I actually heard it ring. I remember thinking, "There is no turning back now." First ring, then second, then third. My heart was beating so fast. What was I going to say? What if he did't like me? What if he thought I was a bad kisser? I reassured myself that there was no way he could think I was a bad kisser! Forth ring, the phone picked up. It was his answering machine. "Hi, you reached RJ, Yada, Yada, Yada, leave a message. Beep. I left a message asking him to call me back. A few hours later, I got a call. "Is Jenn there?" he said. "Yes, this is she," I said "This is RJ," he said. The rest isn't important. All you need to know was he asked me out that night. He was having a party at his house and asked if I would like to come over. I said, "Well... My friends and I are celebrating my birthday tonight, but I would love to come over after." We agreed, and the plan was set. We met up later that night, spent the rest of the evening together. The end of the night came with a walk to my door. It was a little after midnight, RJ's twentieth birthday in fact and we celebrated with our first real kiss. And the rest is history!

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