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Celeste Yarnall as a jungle girl named EVE (1969).

Femi Benussi didn't wear much in TARZANA, SESSO SELVAGGIO ("Tarzana, The Wild Girl") with Ken Clark, a foreign jungle girl film.(1969).

Evelyn Kraft was the female lead in the cult jungle adventure GOLIATHON (1981).

Tanya Roberts in the movie version of Sheena (1984).

Quin Kessler was chosen to portray a female Tarzan called fittingly enough JANE (1985).

Lydie Denier plays Collette de Caude in the pilot "Tarzan's Return" for the TV series TARZAN: THE EPIC ADVENTURES (1996).

Annika Bullus as Kali, the Leopard Queen in the TV series TARZAN: THE EPIC ADVENTURES.

Angela Harry gives life to Queen La in the episode "Tarzan and the Priestess of Opar" for the TV series TARZAN: THE EPIC ADVENTURES (1996).

Gena Lee Nolin becomes the third actress to portray Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, this time for TV. She supposedly morphs into jungle animals in this version.

Rochelle Hudson starred in SAVAGE GIRL in 1932 and was considered for the JUNGLE GIRL serial, but Frances Gifford won that role.

      HONORABLE MENTION: Elinor Field was the JUNGLE GODDESS in 1922; Edwina Booth was the White Goddess in TRADER HORN in 1930; Maureen O'Sullivan played Jane Parker in TARZAN, THE APE MAN (1932; see my "Me Tarzan, You Jane" section); Mary Komman starred in the serial QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE in 1935; Dorothy Lamour wore a sarong and co-starred with Ray Milland in THE JUNGLE PRINCESS in 1936 and again in HER JUNGLE LOVE in 1938; Frances Farmer co-starred with Jon Hall in SOUTH OF PAGPO PAGO in 1940; Universal's answer to Dorothy Lamour was Maria Montez in SOUTH OF TAHITI (1941); Montez would go on to star in several other movies dressed in a sarong, including her best ones, WHITE SAVAGE in 1943 and COBRA WOMAN in 1944;In 1945, Ruth Roman starred in the Universal serial JUNGLE QUEEN; Julie London popped up as a jungle girl Doreen in NABONGA in 1944; Gale Sherwood was the star of BLONDE SAVAGE (1947); Also in 1947 was Ann Savage and Robert Lowery in JUNGLE FLIGHT; Jane Nigh was the female lead in ZAMBA in 1949; the disman FORBIDDEN JUNGLE was released in 1950 with Alyce Louis; Dorothy Dandridge played a jungle queen in the Tarzan film TARZAN'S PERIL (1951) and then was in DRUMS OF THE CONGO; Susan Stephen was the WHITE HUNTRESS in 1957; Lisa Montell was the female lead in SHE GODS OF SHARK REEF for Roger Corman in 1958; Audrey Hepburn was Rima the jungle girl in GREEN MANSIONS (1959); Mei Chen was the star of LUANA in 1974; Although not jungle girls, actresses like Racquel Welch, Caroline Munro, Victoria Vetri, Senta Berger, Julie Ege and Dana Gillespie played cave girls in similar outfits like the ones worn by jungle girls. Of note is also Sybil Danning, Grace Jones, Sandahl Bergman and Barbara Carrera in recent adventure films.

NOTE: I have used Bill Feret's book "Lure of the Tropics" as reference and for some of the photos on this page.

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