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In Honour of Donkey Quail Poem - Sherry Hochfelder

Donkey Quail, Donkey Quail
A Hell of a son.
Loved and admired from all,
Not just one.
Whether pulling on nipples or
gracefully stretching a leg-
Once you saw that white plump body, 
all that was left was to beg.
Everyone wanted him, 
but only one could be close, 
even though I got to be his aunt-
Not to boast.
He could "strut" like Travolta,
he could sing with the best-
But as sad as it is,
It is time for him to Rest.
He knows he'll see his mother
and then they both will have won,
he will greet her in his usual way-
and she can say "where's Mother's son?"
But until then, she's happy to know his friends are 
well cared for, for he was as well-
hell, if he was anymore popular,
his head would have swelled.

SENT IN BY Robin Hochfelder AND WRITTEN Sherry Hochfelder, THEY WROTE: 
Hi, When my Donkey Quail passed away in April I was extremely upset. My 
sister wrote this poem for me about him (I will explain some of the lines at 
the end)
**the pulling on nipples --- I know that sounds a little weird. Donkey Quail 
didn't like when my boyfriend moved in so he terrorized him in any way that 
he would leave himself open to Donkey Quail. I hope you enjoyed the poem. I 
feel it gives Donkey Quail some honour.

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