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One of the most messed up nights I have ever been involved with... honestly...

I'm not even sure where to start with the description of this night. Honestly, last time I was down to play 40 hands I ended up in Scarborough beach in the water running from the cops. This time I had to work early the next morning and couldnt play 40 hands which was a disappointment to myself. However, due to my Irish genes I still managed to get ridiculously shitty, catch kids trying to steal our beer with Brent, run them off the yard and harrass them as they got in their cars. you can see their car and them getting into it in this set. No one, and I mean NO ONE steals beer from a 40 Hands event. Come on man! Anyway, this was the night I lost my cell phone and punched a hole through the door all the way through (sorry guys). I've been withholding this set for a lil while to try and figure out where I lost my cell phone. Well it turns out someone found it and has been using it but were stupid enough to think I wouldnt have the bill with the list of phone numbers called. Gotcha! What a crazy night!

You try to figure things out... I can't

Damn beautiful sight!

This last picture reminds everyone out there not to be F*#king retards and if you think you have the balls to try and steal beer do not try to do it around me or about 20-30 good friends. You will get caught. Last picture of the pathetic bunch as they get laughed off the driveway. Tough break