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OZ Ch. Riginal Rindurr Downunda

Oz - 12 months old

Meet Oz, one little girl I adore beyond belief. Oz is of course Jelani's litter sister and one can tell that a mile away when one compares their strength of personality which is what I adore. I love dogs with attitude and Oz and Jelani certainly have that in abundance.

I was very privileged in helping campaign Oz to her Australian Championship title of which she gained with relative ease.

Originally Oz was to jet off to Rindurr Kennels in Canada after attaining her Australian Champion title but I am pleased to announce that Oz is now residing in Tasmania with a family who absolutely cherish her.

During Oz's show career she was awarded multiple Age Class in Group awards as well as Best of Breeds, Challenges and Reserve Challenges.

At the Hound Club of Queensland Open Show 1999 Oz took out the prestigious award for Puppy in Show.

At the Rhodesian Ridgeback Speciality in Sydney in October 1999 Oz was awarded 2nd place in Junior Class under judge Mr John Walton-Haddock (UK) and the following day at the Hound Club of NSW Oz followed through with being awarded 1st place in the Junior Age Class.

Jelani and Oz were lucky enough to have their photo printed in the Puppies Australia Annual in 1999.