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KoDust News - May 2007

So much has happened in the last year. So many beautiful dogs have passed on - Zennie, Boston, Bernie, Gable, Leia, Bronte, Remy, Inja and three of Jelani's progeny - 2 to car accidents and one to a tick. We are so very sad to have heard of the passing of these beautiful dogs.

Onto more exciting news is the planned litter between Doulen and Meisha due in early July 2007. We are really looking forward to this litter and hope to see some lovely puppies enter the show ring later in 2007.

Katie is well on the way to her Australian Champion title and sister Maggie is already 2/3 of the way there. Katie is a real joy to have living with us - she is so sweet and cute, despite having a constant destructive nature. Katie loves to eat whatever she can, regardless of whether it's edible or not . We welcome Mr Makani into our family. Makani is from Mr Ko's latest litter and lives with Peter Cattach and doggie friend Jamaa. We are so very happy to be able to show Makani and to have Peter consistently take Makani to obedience lessons. In the future we hope to see Makani titled in conformation showing and obedience.

On the latest show front yesterday, 6 May 2007, Trinny (Ch. KoDust Just Look at Me) took Australian Bred in Show, Best Head and Best Gait in the Ridgeback Specialty Open Show in Western Australia. Trinny then went on to be awarded 2nd in Australian Bred Class in the Championship Show. Mr Diesel (Ch. KoDust Meistons Diesel) took a lovely Best of Breed at Durack the other week. And to top it off Miss Katie took Best State Bred in Group yesterday at Rockhampton.

At the Rhodesian Ridgeback Inc Speciality in NSW about a month ago Jelani was awarded Best Open Dog and Best Opposite Open in Show and Diesel was awarded 2nd in the Intermediate Dog Class. The competition was tough so we were very happy with the results of our beloved boys.

KoDust News - April 2006

There has been so much happening over the last six months that I will probably find it hard to remember everything I need to add.

Firstly, a big welcome to Phase Five who has joined our family here at KoDust. Phase Five is from the Tarni/Gatsby litter that was born on 15 January 2006. She is a beautiful little girl and we plan on showing her and doing obedience with her. To say we are blessed with a gorgeous puppy is a total understatement. We are thrilled to bits with her. Thank you Cyndy.

Secondly, a big congratulations to Lim in Malaysia with Sam 'KoDust Lookin Good' who was awarded his Malaysian Champion title in Malaysia at the tender age of nine months. A big thank you to Lim to taking Sam to these shows and titling him so young.

Thirdly, a big thank you to Judi with Trinny (KoDust Just Look at Me) who is now sitting on 63 points towards the required 100 points for an Australian Champion title. Trinity is being shown in Western Australia and has been unbeatable in the bitches shown over the last six shows. Trinny is just blitzing the scene in Western Australia and we are so thrilled and happy for Judi who has put a lot of effort in learning how to handle Trinnity.

Congratulations to Rose with Kya (KoDust Diamond in the Sky), Catherine and Andrew with Diesel (KoDust Meistons Diesel), Lara and Trevor with Ivy (KoDust Meistons Ivy) and Stephen with Kody (KoDust Meistons Kody) whose dogs have all done exceptionally well in well the shows they have been shown in over the last six months.


KoDust News - October 2005

Thank you to everyone who responded in helping us find a lovely home for Gem. Yesterday Gem joined her new family down the coast.

Wendy and her family already had two other ridgbacks and a labrador and welcomed Gemma into their fold with no hesitations. Thank you Wendy.

Congratulations to Meisha moo for doing so well in the shows of late. We haven't shown Meisha much this year so it is lovely to see that she is well and truely holding her own in the show ring after having an extremely large litter of puppies.

A special third birthday wish to Meisha and siblings who turned 3 years old on the 8 October 2005.

Kody (KoDust Meistons Kody) - No 7 pup will shortly join five of his sisters and brothers in the show ring. We are looking forward to showing Kody.

Congratulations to Steve who owns Kayin (Jelani/Summer boy) who in three shows of late has taken well over half the points required for his Australian Champion title. Kayin does not turn one until 26 November and even if he has the required 100 points by then, he will need to collect another 25 points after his first birthday to be eligible for his Championship title.

September 2005

KoDust is currently looking for a home for Gem who is a Jelani/Summer daughter and at nine and a half months of age she is beautiful. She has already been dese xed and has been living with us for nearly a month now. We would like to find Gem a home where she will have some inside and outside time every day and be adored, like we adore her here at KoDust. Anyone interested in having Gem as a family companion please contact me on 0429 498 226 or breeder Cyndy Burton of Starridge at

We've had a very busy year this year. Three of Meisha's pups are being shown in the show ring and another two puppies may be shown periodically. We are very happy with the result of the Meisha/Boston litter and are seriously considering repeating the combination at some stage.

Sam (KoDust Lookin Good) will be making his show debut in Malaysia (K.L.) on 2 October 2005 and we wish Sam and Lim the very best for this upcoming show.

Jelani and Summer's litter are coming along fabulously and Kayin (Starridge Whispring Jack) has already taken out a Best Exhibit in Group (Group 1), multiple classes in group and classes in show at Speciality level. Well done Steve.

From time to time we manage to get the dogs out to lure coursing days and we are finding this an excellent avenue to catch up with some of the Meisha/Boston pups. Yesterday Kya, Ivy and Jack came out for a run. It was lovely to catch up with the pups and owners and take some photos of them all.

April 2005

KoDust is proud to announce our very first litter of puppies from Meisha and Boston. Meisha and Boston had 15 pups and unfortunately one litte girl did not make it, but all the rest are thriving and are now 5 weeks old. Almost all puppies have found wonderful homes, but two are still available to show homes.

Two puppies from Meisha and Boston will be entering the show ring - one female will be shown here in Brisbane and one male will be shown in Malaysia. There are two puppies still available from this litter that are being held for potential show homes, where either the people who want these puppies will show them or allow us the breeders to show them.

We are still showing Jelani who is now 6 1/2 years old and he is still well and truly holding his own in the show ring. Most shows he has attended this year he has taken the Dog Challenge and Best of Breed. Last weekend at Grafton Jelani went Best of Breed and Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Group (Group 2) so we were very very pleased. The following day Jelani's cousin Guna took Best of Breed and Minor in Show, so it was a lovely weekend all round.

Jelani's son Kayin took Best Baby Puppy in Group at Toowoomba Royal a week ago as well, so we are eagerly anticipating that Kayin will do as well or better than dad Jelani in the show ring. We are thrilled that Kayin has the best home possible with Steve and Rose. And soon enough Kayin will have a little playmate joining the family. Kya (from our current litter) will join Steve and Rose's family. Look out for this little beauty - KoDust Diamond In the Sky.

KoDust would also like to send our deepest sympathies to Dale, Mick and Kylie of Riginal Rhodesian Ridgebacks on the loss of the beautiful Doulen boy (Grand Champion Bearstar Doulen KO E.T.). He was a dog that we here at KoDust loved a lot and miss greatly. Doulen will obviously be in our breeding plans for the future and at least one puppy from this anticipated litter will join us here at KoDust.

December 2004

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Kodust wishes everyone and all pets around the world a very happy and safe time and we pray for the people of Indonesia who have lost loved ones during the present tidal wave. May the love of God be with these people now and forever.

Kito is currently with Di Brennan of HuntingRidge who co-owns Kito. He is having a ball with Di's girls and is enjoying being show around New South Wales. We hope that the presence of Kito will cheer Di's heart after the tragic loss of Kito's father Chief a few months back.

Jelani and Summer have produced a lovely litter of 11 healthy and happy puppies. We believe all puppies are currently spoken for, but any interested parties may contact Cyndy at Out of 11 puppies, 10 are show potential and the little girl who is pet quality has attitude plus and has a gorgeous face, although unfortunately her ridge is a little too short for showing.

The dogs are having a ball over summer. We haven't entered many shows so the dogs are having a wonderful break and think it's brilliant that mum and dad are both at home 24 hours a day to play with them. Jelani has recently turned 6 years old, Meisha is now 2 years old, Kito is almost 4 years old and Nikkita is 4 years and Marble, our German Coolie is a grand age of 8 years.

Meisha has recently returned to the show ring after a lengthy absence from the show ring after tearing her tricep. We are thrilled that upon Meisha's return, in three consecutive shows she was awarded 2 Reserve Challenges and then Best of Breed and Best Intermediate Hound Dog in Group. Well done Meisha moo. You do us all proud - especially mum Dusty and dad Kahmara.

November 2004

Show News - Meisha has re-entered the show ring with a lovely Reserve Challenge win at Caboolture Kennel Club on 20 November 2004. Kito is currently living with Di Brennan from HuntingRide and has entered the show scene in the Hunter Valley and Sydney and is doing very well for himself. Jelani is being shown with sister Meisha and is still doing consistently well - his latest Best of Breed was this past weekend at Caboolture Kennel Club against some lovely competition.

Litters News - Jelani and Summer's litter is due this Friday, 26 November 2004 and we expect a reasonably large litter full of happy, healthy puppies. Contact Cyndy at for interest in puppies.

Litter News - KoDust is planning a litter between Meisha and Doulen (BIS Aust. Gr. Ch. Bearstar Doulen Ko CD ROM)within the next few months. Orders are currently being taken for show, obedience and pet homes. Please contact Rachel at or telephone 0429 498 226.

General News - Jelani and Gable puppies have all found lovely homes and two of the puppies are set to enter the show ring here in Brisbane. We look forward to these puppies having a long, happy show career.

October 2004

Show News - At the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Inc Speciality Show, 2nd October 2004, Jelani was awarded 2nd place in the Australian Bred Dog Class out of a total of 17 entries.

September 2004

Litter news - KoDust is planning an upcoming litter between Meisha (Australian Champion Riginal Hot N Dusty) and Doulen (Australian Grand Champion Bearstar Doulen Ko E.T). Meisha is due into season mid to late October 2004. For puppy enquiries, please contact Rachel at KoDust on or 0429 498 226.

Litter news - Alatarn is proud to announce the birth of 6 girls and 4 boys on 7 September 2004. Jelani is the sire and Gable (Starridge Gable) is the dam. All puppies are healthy - no dermoid sinus, no ridgeless, minimal white. There are still a few puppies available so please contact Rachel at for further information.

New photos of Jelani, Meisha and Kito will be uploaded to photo pages next weekend.

Check out the Show Results page - Jelani and Kito have done very well lately. Jelani taking out Best in Speciality Show, Best Gaited Dog and Best Headed Dog. Kito taking out Opposite Australian Bred in Show at the Ridgeback Speciality and Australian Bred in Show at the Hound Club of Queensland show 2.

July 2004

We are pleased to announce an upcoming litter sired by Jelani due on 11 September 2004. Jelani has been mated to Gable 'Starridge Gable' and puppy enquiries can be directed to Franc Hayes on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Australia on mobile: 0412 600 22. Both sire and dam have hip scores below breed average and are registered with the Canine Control Council of Queensland and the Australian National Kennel Council.

We are currently weighing up our options of breeding with Meisha next season. We still have a few months to make this decision and are considering none other than Gr. Ch. Bearstar Doulen Ko E.T. or Gr. Ch. Beastar KO CD. In fact, we would like to use both these boys at stud with Meisha over the next couple of years.

Both these boys have been amazing show dogs and have produced excellent sound progeny and we are proud here at KoDust to consider both these boys two of the best boys available to use for Meisha. We obviously believe in only the very best for our Meisha moo.

June 2004

We are pleased to announce that Jelani will shortly have another girlfriend so we expect a lovely litter will be the outcome. Jelani is being mated with Gable 'Starridge Gable' who's dam is Ch. Umkimzulu Indian Summer (Chilean Willow daughter) and Gable's sire is Gr. Ch. Skiska Solitaire Jest. We are very pleased with this proposed mating as Jelani and Gable suit each other very well and Gable is an outstanding ridgeback.

Meisha moo has been withdrawn from showing for twelve months to give her a chance, we hope of a complete recovery, from a severely torn tricep. If Meisha's torn tricep doesn't mend, she will be gracefully retired to motherhood duties and if Meisha eventually heals, then she will be back in the show ring with a vengeance. This is one girl who just loves to strut her stuff around the ring.

We have been showing less over the last month as I have been preparing for university exams and considering the work load for university I am taking on next semester I will only have Jelani shown mainly at weekend shows and all the larger shows. I think he deserves a good rest after having shown so very well over the last year.

May 2004

Well, we're in the middle of May now and showing has been going superbly well. Jelani has taken several Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Group awards over the last month, so he's definately on a bit of a roll.

Meisha moo is having a break after being diagnosed with a torn tricep, so we'll have lots of treatment for that and hopefully see Meisha back in the ring in the next few months.

Cyndy's girl Cassie is now titled and will be put with Doulen (Gr. Ch. Bearstar Doulen Ko E.T.) within the next couple of months, so that should be an exciting litter to watch out for. Please contact Cyndy Burton of Starridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks at if you are interested in one of the puppies from this litter.

April 2004

Please check out the 'NEW' 2004 Speciality/Royal Results page (on the front page of the KoDust site) as it has the latest updates on the awards for Jelani, Meisha and Nikkita for the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of NSW Speciality Championship and Open Shows held in Newcastle on 10th April 2004.

Due to Jelani, Meisha and Angel's great success, Dale and Mick of Riginal Rhodesian Ridgebacks were awarded 'Most Successful Breeders' at the Show.

Jelani has now been awarded Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Speciality Show to add to his already great results over the last eight months of Best Exhibit in Show All Breeds and 2 x Best of Breeds at Royals.

As you can imagine, we are thrilled with the results.

March 2004

March has been a fabulous month for us in the show ring.

Earlier this month Jelani and Kierra's daughter gained the final points for her Australian Champion title. We are all thrilled with this litter as out of six puppies, 3 have been shown and all three have attained their Australian Champion titles with Best in Groups, Reserve in Groups, Classes in Show - All Breeds and Specialities to their names. Well done Maddie, Kovu and Kel bel.

Today (28/3/04) at the Sunshine Coast Jelani took Best Exhibit in Group (Group 1) and sister Meisha took the B itch Challenge and RUBOB and Kito took Reserve Dog Challenge.

Last weekend we had the 7th Rhodesian Ridgeback National and Kito placed 6th in Open Dog, Meisha placed 5th in Junior B itch and both Jelani and Nikkita made the cut for their respective classes and were also shortlisted for Best Headed.

A few days ago (25/3/04)at the RAS Heritage Toowoomba Royal Jelani took Best of Breed under judge Mr Wakfer (Sth Africa), whilst relatives Dougie took Reserve Dog Challenge and Runner Up to Best of Breed, Patience took the B itch Challenge and half sister Peppa took Reserve B itch Challenge. It was a great day for Riginal Bred Dogs. This now makes 2 Best of Breeds for Jelani at the last two Royals he has attended.

We are also planning a litter later this year or early next year between Meisha (Ch. Riginal Hot N Dusty) and Doulen (Gr. Ch. Bearstar Doulen Ko ET). Any genuine interest may be emailed to KoDust for consideration.

February 2004

The weather is still disgustingly awful. Yesterday Ceta (Jelani's half sister) gained the final points for her Australian Champion title which was brilliant. Way to go Ceta! At the same show Mason (Ch. Marmatia Naadir Dejan) took out Best of Breed.

At Beaudesert last night Jelani took out another Best of Breed and Miss Meisha won her class of three and went Junior of Breed. Not bad considering the ever present humidity.

Today I have updated the Breeding page and the Show Results page.

January 2004

Update: 25/1/04 - Jelani attains his Australian Grand Champion title with Tony at Dorrigo and District Kennel Club under judge Mrs D Hyde (ACT). Well done to Jelani pup and Tony.

24/1/04 - A new year, new hopes and new dreams. Happy new year to everyone.

In Queensland, Australia we're having one heck of a summer. It's either pouring with rain or disgustingly hot.

In show news Miss Meisha now has her Australian Champion title and Jelani is just a couple of points off his Australian Grand Champion title as of 24/1/04 and Chief, Kito's dad only has 2 points to go for his Grand Champion title as well. Both boys are being shown tomorrow, so I gather one of the boys will be awarded the final points for their Grand Champion title. I wish both boys the best of luck.

We're all getting ready for the Ridgeback National which will be held in Melbourne in March - only another six/seven weeks to go. It will be great getting ready to go down to the National.

Kito is coming along very nicely and is maturing at almost three years of age. I hope to have him shown more this year as Jelani will have his usual rests throughout the year and we hope that Jelani will gain his grand champion title soon.

There's a few litters on the ground at the moment so if anyone is interested, please contact me at and I will forward details of these litters around the Brisbane area.

The Litter Notification page has been updated on 24/1/04 as well as the Show Results page. Both these pages are available via links on the front page of the KoDust site.

December 2003

Late November and early December has brought fantastic show results for KoDust. On 22nd November Jelani went Best Exhibit in Show (All Breeds Championship) and then in early December at Uralla Meisha not only gained her Australian Champion title but took Best Junior in Show on the same weekend. To say we are proud of our brother/sister combo is an understatement.

Dale Blinco and Mick Goulding from Riginal repeated the Dusty/Kahmara litter which resulted in some beautiful pups of which I believe almost all are spoken for. For interested parties, please contact Dale at

A big thank you to Dale Blinco for always being Meisha's biggest supporter (outside of Tony and I of course). I believe Meisha will always be Dale's 'my girl', so Meisha is one lucky little girl to get so pampered.

November 2003

We're almost to the end of the year now, only a few more shows to go.

Today at Dorrigo (22/11/2003) Jelani went Best Exhibit in Show (All Breeds - Championship Show) and Meisha took the B itch Challenge and RUBOB.

These last few months have been stressful with one thing and another, but Jelani and Meisha have just been romping it in the show ring and we are so proud of both of them. Jelani is almost to his Australian Grand Champion title and Meisha only needs a few more points to go until her Australian Champion title.

Thank you obviously to Dale and Mick of Riginal for breeding our gorgeous Lani and being there for us always and to Cyndy of Starridge for her wonderful support and advice over the years. Special hugs and kisses go to Jelani's mum and dad Dusty and Ko.

August 2003

This month has only just started, but many things have taken place.

Billy Boy (Riginal Rock Your Heart Out) was tragically taken from Dale, Mick and Anika of Riginal Rhodesian Ridgebacks on Monday afternoon 4th August 2003. We will sadly miss this boy who was such a showy boy who oozed the arrogance that I love in Jelani. Rest in peace sweet boy.

Doug (Riginal Do U Get Excited) was also seriously injured in the accident that claimed Billy's life and we pray for a speedy recovery for Doug.

Today, 9th August 2003, in memory of Billy, Jelani (Ch. Riginal Lightnin Jack E.T.) took Dog Challenge and Best of Breed at the Brisbane Royal and half sister Meisha (Riginal Hot N Dusty) took Puppy of Breed.

Last weekend we showed at Kempsey and Jelani took both Best of Breeds and Meisha took Challenge on the Saturday and took Reserve Challenge on the Sunday. Kito was also awarded the Reserve Dog Challenge on the Sunday. We are also thrilled that both Jelani and Meisha won their respective Age Class in Group awards and Jelani went on to be awarded Consolation to Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Show.

Summer (Ch. Umkimzulu Indian Summer A.I.) and Boston (Gr. Ch. Starridge African Knight E.T.) are the proud new parents of 6 girls and 4 boys. Congratulations to Cyndy Burton of Starridge and Kerrie and Shane Lambley of Kenjala.

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