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KoDust Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Welcome to Kodust.

Our history with ridgebacks began in 1999 when Jelani joined our family. He was our first ridgeback and we now have been blessed with another five ridgies that are owned or co-owned by KoDust - Meisha, Katie, Makani, Nikkita and Kito.

Jelani has shown us how loving, dedicated and loyal ridgebacks are and it didn't take us long to fall madly in love with the breed.

Our dogs are primarily our family pets, followed by being show dogs. They have also been involved in obedience, agility, jumpers, lure coursing and endurance training. Jelani and Kito have obtained their Endurance Titles and Jelani passed his obedience sweepstakes in Queensland and Victoria before being retired from obedience training due to an injury.

This year, 2007, has brought Makani into our lives. Makani lives with Peter Cattach and Jamaa, however he is in partnership with Tony and I and Cyndy Burton of Starridge. Makani is a Mr Ko and Zarina son. Jelani is basically retired now. We are only showing him at speciality level now and a handful of all breeds shows at most during the year. We are more than happy to watch Jelani's progeny continue in their dad's footsteps and have successful show careers of their own. Three of Jelani's sons that are doing very well in the show ring are Kayin, Bob and Rocky.


Please feel free to contact us via telephone on 0429 498 226 or 07 32099004 if you have any queries regarding owning /loving a Rhodesian Ridgeback or if you would like to find out more information about obedience, showing, endurance or agility/jumpers.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our site and reading all about our beloved animals.


Jelani (BIS/BISS/RUBISS Aust Gr. Ch. Riginal Lightnin Jack E.T.)
Meisha (BISS. Aust. Ch. Riginal Hot N Dusty)
Katie (Starridge SVGGKT)
Nikkita ( Aust. Ch. HuntingRidge A Star Is Born)
Kito (Aust. Ch. HuntingRidge Storm Chief E.T.)
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