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NEW Channeled Universal Reiki - The Next Level is Here

Beyond Anything You Ever Dreamed Of

SPRING / SUMMER 2004 Thank you for your patience as this page is new and being constructed as time allows.

FREE opening attunement for all who wish this honor. YES this is way more then the few placements offered with traditional- 180 points in each hand and over 100 throughout your body- all connected and channeled through your heart then to your hands. HOT tingles can be expected with this increase no matter what lineage you come from. OR even if you are new to exploring Reiki.

YES THERE ARE A FEW OPENINGS YET FOR THE EXTREMELY ADVANCED ATTUNEMENTS IN SEDONA. CLASSES ARE DONE EVERY TWO WEEKS. E/M ME !!!!!!!!!!!!! Sedona are exceptional class get togethers for the personal even more advanced attunements that can only be done in this way. Crystal, tones, colors, chants, and more along with specific meridians will be done for the first level attunements. AS A BONUS: This class will also include specific Sedona energy attunements for the places we visit. ALL this is for the even higher levels as a foundation that will be built upon and activated as the class continues. Remember this is an extensive course that takes work to earn your degree. This is an exceptional opportunity for you to advance yourself further with the more expansive openings for energy.

"Go back to the roots of where it all started" I have been offering my services to Reiki people around the world so that they may experience first hand the Japanese Temple version.


I am first lineage from the actual temple where it originated in Japan and have a lot more to share with the world then what I was originally taught with Traditional and non-traditional here in the USA. An example of this would be 180 pts on the hands being attuned so that they form a grid, and from this grid comes amplifications that expand more to the universal powers. It does not stop there. I do over 100+ pts throughout the body that is also connected to the hand grid. This expands exponentially a persons abilities to transfer even more of the universal healing energies. NOTE: THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF WHAT IS DONE FOR ATTUNEMENTS- ENERGY OPENINGS FOR EXTERNAL CHI FOR HEALING.

This is A FREE starter that is compatable to all forms of healing, and so that you can understand a little how important it is to connect the whole body so as to expand your abilities as that of a healer. This also broadens / varies the energy waves so that a person can address more healing issues then ever before.

ONCE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN ONLINE OR IN PERSON CLASSES here in sunny Phoenix you add in total atttunements to the proper meridians for the symbols, add in crystals, tones, chants, etc. Let us not forget also that these meridians also advances one to open more of your psychic abilities as well as protect one from negative energies.

Best of all is that I do the hand and body attunement for free to start one on there way. Connect using ICQ 8083819 to have it done. If you do not have this program go to, download it and send me your number so that we can set up a time to do your "FREE" attunement, and NO it cannot be done the traditional way using the distance symbol as the energies have to be done specifically for each person. Namaste, K


This is done for after the hand / body attunement is done for those wishing to take my online or in person course. This follows the temple, to Usui teachings that was lost along the way. Three of these has to do specfically with the symbol for protection DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS ON YOUR OWN AS THEY ARE VERY SPECIFIC PLACEMENTS THAT MUST BE DONE. These "5" are out of the "secret 8" used for advancing psychic abilities. There are several segments for each meridian. They are neurovascualr, lymphatics,and more end points (NEW INFORMATION- there are more meridians that I am now doing beyond anything ever known till now).

This can only be done by myself and shinpidens from the temple. I have no downline that has been taught this yet. MORE........


Chemical Elements and Molecules in the Human Body The human body consists of atoms of many chemical elements. The most common chemical elements found in the body are oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. There are also smaller amounts of many other elements, including calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium. So far I am able to pass on carbon and water. Soon others will follow.

5 ANIMALS PLAY- The Chi Gong Connection

In the 6th century BC in a Taoist manuscript it describes the exercises as inhaling fresh air, exhaling the stale, moving like a bear and stretching like a bird to achieve longevity. The renowned medical scientist Hu To assembled and documented this set of exercises called "Wuqinxi" -- five movements mimicking tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird. These exercises not only mimic an animal's movements, but also it's bearing. Examples are the strength of the tiger, the alertness and resourcefulness of the monkey, the lightness of the crane, the relaxation of the deer's movement and the stable bearing of the bear. Only in this way can practice reach the organic wholeness of body and mind. This practice is especially good for unclogging the channels and collateral's, dispelling diseases, limbering the extremities, massaging the acupressure points and promoting longevity. Ultimate happiness is coming to the ultimate truth, then truth should be the goal of everything we do

Where is this knowledge coming from?

I trained with a shinpiden that came from a temple in Japan every day for a year. This was after taking non-traditional & then traditional Reiki, KINESIOLOGY, MERIDIAN THERAPY AND MORE. Since I received his attunements I have been more able to connect with guidance and the universal energies around us all. He also gave me self work that will still take me over 3 years to do that once I get each part done I pass on this knowledge to my students.

Then also I have been slowly transcribing my notes that I made every day of my training. Between these two ways I have been given a lot more info. then I ever dreamed possible and guidance as to how to use this wonderful knowledge is now easily accessable to me.

As time has been going on the people searching for the true Reiki in Japan have been proving that what I have been teaching about meridians being used & such has been acurate.

What is in level 1?

The 180 points on each of the hands has to do with the meridians running through them and actual vortices of energy points. The placements in the body has to do with the vortices that I am able to see as energy connection points. I also do the 4 chambers of the heart and connect every placement through it so that the statement "coming from the heart" is ever so much truer then ever before.

As for the first level course: there are 5 meridians having to do with protection alone. These are also part of the secret "8" that has to do with psychic abilities. I also give you 5 meridian exercises to do to get you in "tune" further with the energies, connect them & clear them better. The manual that goes with it is over 100 pages long and as I am updating this weekly as I teach I send you the new info. as we go along.

The new elements that I am being attuned to are passed on as I get them with every attunement that I give. These are part of what guidance has given me to work with. I start to teach how energy can be created from level one on. I also am making this available to my higher level students as to how this energy is created so that every level from me is the first level to the power. This I am hoping will continue to upgrade the energies available to us for healing.

In person you can receive the added attunements that further expand your abilities by opening you up to your "6" senses and a much broader spectrum of healing energies. Sound, sight /action /eye movement, colors, tactile textures, smell, taste, and psychic are opened, attuned to specific symbols along with positive statements and more. Things like temperature / humidity, point of dimension, space, emotions, breathing patterns, are also added. This I give as a gift to my students who live locally or travel to see me in person.

I use ICQ 8083819 to pass the attunements in private- one to one. This is so that I do not end up doing the full house and all living things therein as all life seems to want to have the energies and DNA expanded.

Namaste, K