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Latest Updates - -
  • (12/7/01) All other pages updated and added to. Working hard to finish everything
  • (12/5/01) CSS added to main page. Chix and Staff pages in the works
  • (11/30/01) Working to get the site finished. Glad to be back to work!
  • (8/2/01) Site Up And Running

  • News - -
  • We are working extremely hard to finish the site. The main pain is nearly complete, and our graphics generator is back up, so we have got a lot done on the rest of the pages of the site. Check them out!
  • We have just added the new CSS effects to the site, and the main page is pretty well done. As soon as our graphics generator at Cooltext comes back online, we will be ready to start work on the other pages of the site. For now, the Chix page is up, and we are in the process of working on the staff page. Hope to have everything up soon.
  • We have been extremely busy over the last few months, and have not had the opportunity to work on this site. However, we have doubled up our efforts to get everything finished and working properly. We have done nothing but Work on a multitude of things for the site over the period where there were sadly, no updates.
  • Welcome to the official site of Boneyard Productions Inc. We have been working with webspace hosts looking for possible hosting for some time now. Finally, we decided on Angelfire because it gives us 50 Megs of webspace, and it supports .com addresses. The banner ad, an annoying pop-up is an unfortunate reality however, while we are on this host. We are now working on finding (or starting) a bannerless host, since out last one is no longer in service. This site, although uncompleted is an example of our work, and throughout it is a number of other examples of our services and hobbies.
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