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(for skateboarding)

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Welcome to GreenIce
We currently do games and software but were trying to do other things
aswell our software and downloads pages aren't finished yet we'll let you 
know when they are up and running.

Our current competition is writing your own tutorial the winner from both 
the subjects will have there name and email address + a link to their hompage 
(If they have one) posted on my site I will post links to some of the tutorials on 
my site and have the 2 winners tutorials up for download
on my site  their name will also go in the newsletter. 
The subjects are 

computer programming languages
Under this subject you have to write your own tutorial on a popular
programming language. (such as c++,basic,pascal,cobol etc.)(C++ is probably the
best to write about as it is most popular now days( HINT,HINT ))  you should also add
some source code and explain it. and if you try to include how to draw for game 

Write a tutorial on skate boarding it should start at beginners level and 
work its way up. This one should be easier than the last one anyone who can skateboard 
well, can write about skateboarding.