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Firstly I would like to welcome you all here from the bottom of my Heart. I did this page because I have lost a great many of Family and Friends over the years and I felt that this is my way of saying yes they were here on this earth and I feel that they deserve a Rememberance Page such as this. I would also like those of you who have also lost loved ones to place there names here as well, you can do this by emailing me with there details as set out below. You can add as many as you wish.
Our Greatest Memories will always be with us, for all our loved ones who have been laid to rest in the Kingdom of God, they are at peace now, and Lord be with them.

~In Loving Memory Always~
~My Family and Friends~

~Margaret Joan~
Passed away 18 Sep 1985 in Australia
Aged 61yrs
~My darling Mother and the bestest friend I ever had.
I Love and Miss you Dearly Mum.

~Thomas Daniel passed away 11 Nov 1987 in Australia
Aged 65yrs
~My Dearest Dad, Taken on Rememberance Day, something you would have been proud of..
I Love and miss you dearly Dad

~Ronald James passed away 14 Dec 1982 in Australia
Aged 35yrs
~My Brother taken tragically in a Mining Accident.

~Roderick Charles passed away 29 Nov 1968 in Australia
Aged 22yrs
~My Brother taken tragically in a Car Accident.

~Anthony John passed away 2 Oct 1996 in Australia
Aged 27yrs
~My Nephew taken so tragically in a Mining accident, left behind a Wife and 3 young children. I will remember our great
childhood days in the bush Tone. Love ya. Miss Ya.

~Michael Andrew aged 13months ~My Darling Baby Nephew~

~Janice passed away 15 Jan 1998 in Australia aged 33yrs Will always remember you Jan~
You have gone to rest now and we will meet again i know my darling cousin. The bourbon
days might be over, but memories will never be. You are now a beautiful Angel, helping out up there, I can just see you...You sure make one beautiful Angel Jan..Love and Miss you Always.

~Kerri Anne Miller aged 29yrs and her Darling Daughter Angie Mellisa aged 7yrs
passed away 16 March 1991 in Australia ~My Darling friend and her Beautiful daughter tragically taken
in a car accident. Many memories I have of you mate, many and I miss you and Angie Dearly.

~Damian Harding aged 31yrs in our memories and hearts, his remains have still not been found and one day, we will be able to lay him to rest ~Our Best Mate who did'nt deserve to go, you
are now with all the old gang our friend, and we will join you when our time is right

~Victor Soko taken tragically, memories live on Soko, Rest Our dear Friend

~Frank Shep passed on 1st January 1998, rest peacefully Old Shep, you are now up
there with your old mate, my dad. I know you's will be having a laugh, like yous did in the old days..

~Sam, Neil and Paul (Fritz) Hard to believe, You all went in a space of a few years
of one another and all in your early 30's. You's lived life to the fullest and we shared
alot of those times with yous. I know you's will now be all raging up in that Big Pub in the sky..and you's are altogether again

~Emu Shep passed on the 18th April 1998, I can't believe this, you are gone now to,
it was only 3 months ago we were at your Dads funeral. Go to him, he is waiting for you.
I know you missed him dearly, but you are together again now. Will always remember you Emu

~Darren Wesley passed away 20 January 1995, You were my brother Daz, and I have many
great memories of our childhood and adult days together, you were only 27yrs old when you
were taken from us so suddenly by a tragic car accident. My garden will never been the same
without your green fingers. I will always remember that great big grin and your curly hair
and all the good times we had. I know we will meet again, and I know you will be there to greet me.
Love ya Daz.~

~Francis Thomas (Frank) killed in a Mining Accident on May 3rd 1998. Aged 34yrs.
Grew up together as kids and will always remember those days my Friend..Taken so tragically, never had a chance..

~Mark Anthony left us on the 27th May 1998 with no goodbyes..aged 30yrs. We could of helped you Mark..we all loved you very much and now we will miss you very much. I know life is hard..but we could of helped now..and be at peace with yourself and we will hold our memories in our hearts forever.
Love you my Darling Cousin

~In Loving Memory Always~
~Of Your Family and Friends~


~Willard Briscoe b. Dec 29 1912 and passed away July 18 1981 Loved husband of Madge~

~This is in Memory of the children,teacher and unborn baby killed in the shooting on
Tuesday, March 24, 1998 in Jonesbro, Arkansas. Please Lord wrap your arms around each
of them and let them know it is alright, you are there to love them.
~Natalie Brooks Student aged 12yrs~
~Paige Ann Herring Student aged 12yrs~
~Stephanie Johnson Student aged 12yrs~
~Brittany R Varner Student aged 11yrs~
~Shannon Wright Teacher aged 32yrs~
~Unborn child~ ~They are all now safe in the arms of Jesus~

~Douglas R. Bankston Sr. killed in a car wreck on Feb 28, 1976, in USA. Aged 29yrs
He was the Best Dad, submitted by his ever loving son Randal.

~Robert James Thomas Erdody b.24/7/1990 d.7/9/1997
~Lisa Jane Erdody b.18/3/1969 d.7/9/1997
Both taken in a tragic motor accident. Miss you both so much. My world will never be the same without you's. Your memories keep me smiling knowing that you's are both together. My wife and Son.
Love from Chris.

by Kimberlee Sue Winningham

Of all Godís blessings big and small
My Nan was sweetest of them all
She filled my heart with so much love
And taught me of our Lord above

She acclaimed Godís will throughout her life
Without hesitation, dread or strife
And she served her family all her days
Through work and many other ways

She loved to cook for her family
And she did her housework happily
She never complained of being weary
She said her life was never dreary

She found her joy in simple things
Like the freshness a spring rain brings
Or a hummingbird at her flowers
She could watch for many hours

And most of all she liked to be
Laughing with her Kimberlee
Iíll miss her laugh so very much
And the gentle feel of her touch

But sheíll always be a part of me
I donít have to loose her, you see
She ingrained herself upon my heart
So we would never have to part

The sweetness of her beautiful smile
Will stay with me a long, long while
And Iíll always know that she will be
Waiting for me in eternity

Of all Godís blessing big and small
My Nan was sweetest of them all....

~Grandma Walker~ b. Aug.28 1918 d. May 2 1998
Grandma, we all still love you and always will. You are at rest with Bob.
Someday we will all be up in heaven to join you. You lived a great life
and will always be treasured by all whose life you entered. I love you!!

~Brian Creekmur~
Its been over a year. Everyone still loves you and always will. It
shouldnt have happened and yet it did. You are in heaven now. I hope
there are no guns up there. You will always be in our hearts and minds.
We will all be with you someday. Until that day R.I.P

~Megan Stauffer~
A wonderful person who still had so much life to live. You are still in
everyone's hearts and minds. All those who loved you and loved by you will
someday be with you. Please keep watch over them. We all loved in our own
ways. Til that day...

You lived a wonderful life. Everything that you could ever want was yours.
You were 95 years old when you went on to heaven. There always was and
still is much love in everyones hearts for you. You will never be
forgotten. You were the Best Great-Grandfather any person could ask for.
Everyone is slowly on their way to be with you. You will always be with me
in spirit. I love you.

Robert "Robbie" Dale Neighbors
Died tragically in a car accident, on July 2, 1992, less than two months after we graduated from high school. He was my best friend and
was loved by many. He had a promising future ahead of him and had so much life left to live. He will always be in the heart of me and many
others. I miss you Rob and I think about you daily.
Rest in Peace until we meet again.
Your best friend, Brian

Michael Beaird--age 15 was killed tragically in a car accident less than a week ago (September 1998).
You were a great kid, Mike. We miss you so much. You left us with much of your life still to be lived--but the time you gave us will never be
forgotten. We love you and miss you dearly. You and your family are forever in our prayers. Until we meet again.
Love always, Carrie Dove

Raymond Levi Ream
~~~~Who passed on to a better place on May 28, 1995 and never had the opportunity to meet his Granddaughter--Trisha Rae, who was born Jan 22, 1998.

To My Grandpa, with Love
(On Grandparent's Day)

Although you never held me,
or bounced me on your knee,
I've no doubt you'd have loved me
and held me tenderly.

You left this world Ďfore I arrived,
Some things I may not know
Your Froggy grin or marble head--
The way you plowed the snow.

I see you, Grandpa everyday,
and know your love, you see--
It's in Mom's grin and Grandma's smile,
they show your love to me.

So there's this day that's set aside,
a special time to say,
That I sure love you (and I do)
It's called Grandparent's Day.

I pray that you will watch me,
and see me as I grow,
From Heaven, Grandpa, where you live
and one day I will go.

My mommy's crying as she writes
these words that I can't say,
Because she holds you in her heart
And thinks of you each day.

With Mommy near and Grandma too
I'm sure I'll always know
The Grandpa that I would have loved
The one that plowed the snow.

With much love,
the "Princess Guppy"
Trisha Rae Lee
Granddaughter of Bernice and the late Raymond " Froggy" Ream

Patty Ream---
Tragically killed by a drunk driver while walking (on a sidewalk) November 1, 1976... at age 23---all she ever wanted was to be a Mom--my own daughter was named after her---Trisha. How nice it would have been for her to know her Aunt Patty! We miss and love you still Patty!!
Sis Bobbie, brother Don and Mom Bernice.

In memory of my friend, Roxanne Desormeau, who passed away at the age of 13 after a brave battle with leukemia. A poem for Roxanne:
Roxanne had to leave us,
The Lord has called her home,
So that her faithful spirit,
Has no longer earth to roam.
And although we may be saddened,
With Roxanne no longer by,
We know she's joined her Father,
In her new home in the sky.
So let our songs be joyful,
And from every mountain ring,
Roxanne has left for heaven,
She's gone to meet her King.
Your are missed always.
I am waiting for the day when I will see you again.
Love Marci

Robert (Bob) Scrivener
September 23, 1991
My step-father... You could never know how much I love you.... I wish that you could have known Alicia, she would have loved you very much. It is hard to believe that it has been almost 7 years. I still carry you so close in my heart. I know that you are watching over me. Someday we will meet again and I will wrap my arms around you and tell you I love you..... for all of the times I didn't while you were here......
Until then...
Adrena Dove

Beatrice Rebecca Edwards
October 13, 1993
I miss you so very much. Now you are no longer suffering. I thank God for that. I know you can see me and Alicia. She looks so much like you. Her smile is a daily reminder of my Granny...Someday I will join you, but until then watch over me. I think of you often...
I love you Granny....
~Adrena Dove

Ruth Woods
July 21, 1996
Your time came just days before I learned that I was pregnant. I wanted so much for you to share in that joy with me. I know that you are above looking down on me and watching Alicia grow. Someday you will hold her...
I miss you and I love you very much.
~Adrena Dove

Harold Starkweather
Dad, You gave me life and made it wonderful for me. It's still very hard for us left behind, to wake each day and not see your smiling face each morning. You've touched so many lives while you were here. I do see you in me, in so many ways, and it makes me smile. See Daddy, you did make a difference. Thank you. Your in my heart till the day the Lord reunites us.
Love your daughter

In Loving Memory of my Grandpa, Captain Jake Addison Summers. "Add" as he is known to family and friends.
Born December 8, 1910--Died January 23, 1992.

Granny holds the lantern
while Grandpa swings his hammer.
He built their home by lantern light,
Sometimes way into the cold, dark night.
It was in the early spring,
when the blue jays and the robins sing,
That Grandpa got his Honorable Discharge
and come home from the Coast Guards.
He has help to run a grocery store
and the county jail.
But he had a God given gift, he could build. He was a carpenter of the greatest skill.
Natural talent, not learned and taught.
He built some of the finest boats that was afloat.
Now his eyesight is not so good.
His hands old and not so skilled.
But the house that he built still stands, up there upon the hill.
Proud and strong, against the winds.
On the spot, a long time ago that was known then, as Dememory Hill.
My heart still misses you Grandpa,
Karen Young

Dale stillborn February 1956, David born to early October 1956 Kim August 1993 from lukemia 35 years old. My dear son,s god called you home to be his angels I feel you walking beside me here on earth someday we will all walk to-gether for eternity.
Love Mom Dove

Dad, you are the best father anyone could ask for.I love you very much and miss you. My wish is that i could've helped you more and you would be with me today .I know you didnt fully understand the pain and unanswered questions that you left behind. I thought you would have asked for my help.I always thought i didnt do enough for you.i wish you were here right now so i could hug you and tell you again what a great father you are and how much I love you. I know you are with Mom now and in peace.Please give her my love too!
I love you Pop,
always,your son ,Bob

In Loving Memory of:
Percella A Brezel
Taken so young but God didn't want you to hurt anymore. Despite the pain, you continued to love and care for us. You didn't want us to know. You gave us so much with your love,understanding,compassion and caring. You live on in us each day as we carry you in in our hearts! We miss you still and always will. Now you and Daddy (8/20/26--9/19/95) are together and with Our Savior.
Love always,
Daughter, Barbara
Son, Bob
and Grandchildren

Tyler Austin Simpson
Born 30th July 1997
Our son was taken on the 5th August 1997 Safe in the arms of Jesus
"Gone from our Arms but not from our Hearts'.. he was the greatest gift god could give to us.. i know we only had him for 6 days those were the best days of my life..
Ever Loving Baby son of Danielle Dove

Jeanne Carol Johnson
Passed away 6th September 1988 aged 33yrs.
She always was there for everyone.. always had a smile on her face no matter what kind of pain she was in...
"Always loving Always loved.".
Loved Darling Mother of Danielle Dove

Christopher Michael Johnson
b. Aug. 4, 1972
d. Aug. 12, 1972
Our Angel
Love Always,
Mom & Dad

In loving memory of Edna M. Brennan
Passed away July 1, 1965 at the young age of 39
I don't think a day goes by that one of us thinks of you. Your loving children

NOV. 21, 1928
OCT. 22, 1982

MAY 8, 1923
NOV. 25, 1985

OCT. 15, 1901
AUG. 1969

Eric Vandiver
Born March 11, 1982
Died March 12, 1998
He will always be remembered. He was very popular and a very energetic teen. Why he had to go off and do that to himself I don't know. But he always be remembered in our hearts and I hope that god is taking good care of him. All of his friends, family, and everyone that knew him and loved him will always remember him forever and ever.
Much Love from All of his Friends!

Auntie Jean--passed away 3 days ago Sep 1998
We had great times in South Dakota that I will never forget. It was so much fun to go exploring and ride in the car. I know that you are in a place that has less pain than here and I'm am happy for that. I wish you could be here with us, but I know that you are in heaven watching over me. I have a guardian angel now--someone to watch over me constantly. I miss you lots and will love you always. Love always,

In Loving Memory of
Jason Westermayer age 18
Jeff Westermayer age 16
Died in a tragic car accident on August 15th, 1998. I wish I could have said goodbye. I love you so much and I will always miss you. You have impacted many people's lives. Those who knew you were lucky, and those you didn't, missed out. I know that you are in Heaven looking down on all of us. Until we are reunited, rest in peace.
I love you's
Your Loving Cousin
Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.

Died 03/18/98, age 24 years old
You are truly missed by all those who love you. Your smile and personality made a room light up when you were around. We miss your hugs and kisses. We know that you have finally found the peace you couldn't find here on earth. You are in the hands of God now and I'm sure you make a beautiful angel.
Love your God Parents

JAN.7,1965--MAY 10,1985

Ted Pryor
Born October 14, 1932
Passed: March 5,2000

Thank you daddy for teaching me not only to live life to the fullest.. but to love it and respect as well. Thank you for the wonderful sisters and brother I have, and mostly, the most wonderful mother in the world.. No wonder you choose her to spend the rest of your life with..for she is as precious as you...and I thank God mostly.. for without him.. this could not have been possible.

Love you forever,



Dove    Dove

~Another Remembrance Page, Pet Remembrance And Angel Page Coming Soon~ Dove

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