October 16, 2005; 8:07pm

Have you ever loved somebody so much but hate them at the same time? Have you ever wished things could be different? You ever wish things could be the way they used to. Have you ever loved somebody but you can't find anything in your heart to trust them again?

True I am hiatus, but I can keep up with my blogs. A lot has been going on in my life, and now I'm a senior and I am thinking about college, and where I want to go to college, and I think I might go to Europe. I am looking into studying abroad for a semester this year in Italy. But I am seriously considering going to school in Europe. I think he would be good for me, and it's a great opportunity to see another part of the world. I am looking to go to Milan, Italy. Ever since my cousin Jefferey had told me about Milan when I was in like 2nd Grade, I wanted to go. So I am looking at schools there. I don't know if I am going to go, I'm not really sure yet, the people that I have told and said that I should get out and see the world. It just feels like something is holding me back.

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