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Born:July 2005
Host Netrillium

Currently Playing:Kirk Franklin;; I've Been Looking
Volume: 2006 Revamp 1.0
Updated: September 3, 2005

i love the Lord. he heard my CRY. basic--lala. four-hundred and sixty-seven. christian. living in a city. in a state. in the united states of america. google me. high school senior. c/o 2006. Derik. since ``1230O5. likes--jordan addict. rocawear addict. dior. vuitton. cheetos. hair and nails are always done. spongebob. dislikes--you. spiders. butterflies. those things look so nasty.
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February Calendar
February 14: Sweetie Day
February 15: Nanny's Birthday
February 15: Sarah's Birthday
February 18: Sarah's Party
February 19: Tea Time