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These pictures were taken in the rain and the car is alittle muddy. I will wash it imediately!

This Car is in Great Condition! It has never broken down. There is alittle Rust on the body, which can be seen in these Pictures. The Rust is the worst right over the back wheels. These is very little rust on the sides of the vehicle and there is alittle right below the Rear Windshield.

There is a small baseball sized dent, not indented deep, on the Left back panel. In High School a girl backed into Me, so there is a larger dent on the Right back panel.

The inside of the car has been kept nice. There are a couple rips in the seat cover, the Driver side door handle has broken off, and the Passanger side arm rest has fallen off. There is a radio, not great, and the speaker systm was terrible. At the time I coule only afford a cheap spearker set up from Wal-Mart, so that is what is in it!

The car is reliable but has alittle body damage, all described above, and pictured above. I am only asking $200 for it (O.B.O.). I think it is a reasonable Price. I am selling it because I bought a new car and I need to get this car out of my yard.

If you are interested, My Cell Number is 717-615-2798. My Instant Messanger name is JoeKing182. my Name Is Ricky Turner. All I ask is that you get it out of my yard, apy for the title switch, and take good care of it!