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A Small Island In The Yellow Sea Named
Tok Chok Do

      Kester    Bock    Ryan    Che

                                                                                             Radar         Korean Kp     Radar      Korean Labor

North Side Looking Down At The Yellow Sea
 5 To 15 Miles Out Of The Inchon Harbor

An LST Or LSM Took Us And Our Supplies To This Island.  Our Supplies There-After Were
Delivered First By B26 Bombers Dropping Canisters With Parachutes Out Of The
  Bombay Doors. This Did Not Work Very Well As Those Pilots Must Have Thought They
 Were On A Bomb Run And The Chutes Never Had A Chance To Open. After Complaints We
 Started Getting Air Drops By (I Think) C47's). They Would Circle Overhead And Kick The
 Canisters Out Of The Side Door. Then We Would All Scramble Around The Area To Get
 The Supplies. The Canisters and Chutes Were Old And Quite Often The Bottoms Of The
 Canisters Would Break Open And Mail, Etc. Would Scatter All Over The Place And
 Some Even Out To Sea  (As Did Some Of Our Christmas Mail).

This is the English tanker that sat in the harbor below our mountain top.
They fueled and provided 
other supplies to American and English ships in the
the area. We communicated by blinker light. They also traded fresh veggies
 from Japan for smoking  supplies and toothpaste with us. They were 
a great
 crew. At Xmas, they invited us to come down 
for a party. The winners of a
 drawing  were  scheduled 
to go down around noon on Xmas day. However, a
 big snow 
storm came in and all fun was canceled. They told us the next
day that a great party was the event of the day.
C47 With Open Door
Fuel And Heavy Items Were Delivered Once A Month By LST Or LSM's. Fuel For
 The Generator And Heaters Had To Be Carried Up The Mountain Top.

                                                                                      Hawk and I

Me - radio operator, Kaplan - may have been Air Police, Powell - radio operator
Benny Beman - Radar, Can't remember his name - worked radar
boys on beach from refuge village


A British Spitfire like this one had engine trouble and was looking 
for a place to let down as he could not make it back to his
base. He circled over our mountain top looking at us. We
waved our arms and he saw us and wagged his wings.
He landed on the beach and had his pistol out, and pointing at
the refugees when we arrived. His first comments were 
"imagine seeing you blokes here"
We sent a radio message ot Headquarters that he had crash
landed on our Island and was okay and living with us. He 
was a flying sergeant. He stayed with us about a week before
the British came and got him. He was a very nice person 
and we enjoyed his company.

Looking down from radio tent. Mess hall at bottom and
supply off at side. The close one is Quonset sleeping
quarters for all but radio men who slept with radio equipment.
Me In The Radio Room

We Had One 50 Cal. Machine Gun, One Or Two 30 Cal. Machine guns, One BAR (I Was BAR Man)
And A Mortar, M1 Carbines, Hand Grenades.


       Jay Moon A Korean Boy Setting In The Radio Room
When It Became Time To Rotate Off The Island An Old Korean One Cylinder
Fishing Boat Took Us To Inchon Harbor.

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