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Adrienne Frantz - Tiffany Thorne

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SoapCity-Chat, 23 mars '99

Adrienne: Hey all B & B viewers, my wonderful fans out there, thank you for logging in tonight, it's going to be a wonderful chat!

Ashley: Hi everybody! Thanks for coming. Welcome to our chat!

WNNZelda asks: Do you think that Kimberly will accept her family?

Ashley: I think that Kimberly has a good chance of accepting her new family, and Macy and Kimberly will have some pretty good talks. Just tune in and see!

rosellen asks: Is "Amber" going to sing on the show any time soon?

Adrienne: Yes, actually, tomorrow!!! I'll be singing more in the future.

shellolynn asks: who do you most admire?

Ashley: I most admire my mommy. She gives me advice and she's always there for me and she's my best friend. She's never let me down, ever. She's really involved in my life. She's my best friend!

Adrienne: Probably my mom too, she's always doing extra little things for me when I can't handle something, she always helps me pick up the pieces. I love her!

jacobyoungsnumb1fan asks: Ashley, Happy B-Lated Birthday! Which character do you like to play, Liz or Kimberly?

Ashley: Thank you! I like playing Kimberly because she's smart and not so ditzy. She knows what she wants, and I think eventually she'll get it. Sorry, Adrienne!

Yael_17 asks: Adrienne you have a lovely voice, have you ever taped any CD's?

Adrienne: Actually, I'm working on a CD right now. I've been talking to different record labels and I'm learning different business aspects like who to go with. I did a movie this summer called Jimmy Zip and I sang the lead song in it

star_girl_101 asks: How did you start in show buisness?

Ashley: I was 11 years old and I did a modeling competition in San Diego. The talent management, the same ones I'm with now, saw me and they asked me if I wanted to come to LA and audition. My mom wouldn't let me for a year, but finally she did, and now I'm living up here doing B&B

Adrienne: I started acting when I was about 7. My mom put me in acting classes. I was hyperactive! And I always wanted to be an actress. And when I was 16 I moved to NY and I started acting, doing commercials and theater, and then I came out to LA and moved to B & B

she_ra_tn asks: when will amber have the baby?

Adrienne: Sometime between now and mid-May.

shinyhappygurl asks: What made you three decide to venture into the world of Soap Opera?

Ashley: I just always had faith that whatever the Lord wanted me to do, I asked God to lead me in the direction he'd want me to go in and he led me in the direction of B&B. It wasn't anything I planned.

Adrienne: Well I didn't really plan it, I was auditioning in NY. I was actually going to college at the time. I had been in college for a week and I had a screen test in L.A. and I didn't think anything of it and then I got the job!

angel_99_53207 asks: what's the most embaressing thing thats happened on set?

Adrienne: It's not about me but its about Mick Cain (C.J.). We were filming the wedding and it had to be 11:30, midnight, and we had been there forever... everyone was exhausted... and they were doing the scene between Darlene Conley (Sally), Susan Flannery (Stephanie) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke). Mick had to be there for ambiance and it would've been fine, but then he started to snore really loud

Ashley: Did he really fall asleep?!

Adrienne: And we had to stop taping because everyone was laughing so hard... it was funny!

syreeta18 asks: As young actor and actresses what would be your advice for a person seeking fame such as yours?

Ashley: Don't go for fame. Because you never know if it's going to last. If you love acting, act, but don't expect to be famous because of it. Fame doesn't make you happy, and it usually doesn't last. And if it does, it's a miracle.

Adrienne: I think if you really want something bad enough in life... anything... you have to believe in it and don't let anyone get in the way of your dreams. Just go after it till you get it...99 to 1 you're gonna get rejection... get used to rejection and don't let it bother you

me2_72 asks: Adrienne....Is B&B better than working on Sunset Beach?

Adrienne: Yes! (lol). I like it. I had a great time on Sunset and I have a lot of friends there... it's a great show. I like B & B better!

daktay2 asks: Adrienne, you are not pregnant in real life are you?

Adrienne: No way! I'm far from being pregnant... I think if I ever have a kid it will have to be in 15 years

hollyp_1998 asks: Who decides how you wear your hair?

Ashley: When I first started on the show it was the hair person and Bradley Bell, the executive producer. Now that I've been here for a while I can tell the girl who does my hair how I want it, and she does it to make me and them happy. So we both kind of decide now.

Adrienne: With me, it's all me all the way.... Bradley said, Anything you wanna do with your hair I trust you... so he let me do it. So I always have these crazy hairstyles.

amachd asks: How do you cope with stress?

Ashley: I say prayers right before I go to work and if I'm stressed during work. That's what I do, honestly.

Adrienne: Well, if I'm at home and we're sitting around and I'm really stressed out, I'll break out my songbooks and make a song out of it and I'll usually come out with this crazy, angry song

angel0745 asks: Did you enjoy working with Usher (Raymond)?

Adrienne: Yeah, he's a good kisser too

Ashley: oh my god!

Adrienne: He's very suave!

nikkifan asks: Adrienne, do you dress funky in real life, too?

Adrienne: Of course I do!

Adrienne: I pick out the shoes, I always have some sort of giant platform shoe or bellbottom on... anything I like, I wear

chica10_98 asks: Who gives you all advice about acting?

Ashley: My manager Cray Wargo gives me the most. He's my coach

Adrienne: Nobody really... I used to take acting classes in New York, I studied for a long time, then I was trying to study out here but they didn't compare to the people I worked with in New York so I thought it was better to trust my own instincts, so I do

Yael_17 asks: Is it hard to cry on cue?

Ashley: Yes... It's something that becomes automatic. There's days when it takes longer when you have to think of something really horrible, and there are some days it comes automatically so your body just knows. But sometimes it can be really difficult.

Adrienne: I think it depends on the substitution... it's when you take one thing out of your personal life and use it in your acting as a substitute for the scene... it depends on the substitution... if I'm thinking about my grandpa's funeral, it's easier for me.


Adrienne: Oh, definitely, just because of the fact that I like what I'm doing with my character... you get to see what Amber lives through and the way she is with men and it comes from her mother and her past.

lindakot asks: Ashley, do you have many fellow christians on the soap?

Ashley: yes... Hunter Tylo (Taylor) is, Jacob Young (Rick), Adrienne Frantz. Hunter Tylo goes to a bible study once a month with me. We sit next to each other, so it's really fun.

Ashley: I've gone to bible study my whole life at different churches. I've been going to this one for about a year now.

Sunflowerseed1999 asks: Is it uncomfortable wearing the 'baby'?

Adrienne: (lol) Of course it is!! That baby pad... I call it "fat suit" because what it is, it's padded all over... my thighs, my butt, my chest... its so uncomfortable, you have to step into it, it's a giant suit. It's very uncomfortable. I hate it!

Yael_17 asks: Please just say a quick hello to your Israeli fans, there are many of us! It's just that it's 4:30AM and I woke up for this chat!

Ashley: Thanks for supporting us! We really appreciate it

Adrienne: Thank you, we love you... thank you for calling in and chatting with us!

Ashley: It's fans like you that make us so big!


Ashley: Take your own advice, and stay away from Rick. And that if it's meant to be, he'll come back, and if not he'll be with Amber. You've gotta get over him and find a new man.

nikkifan asks: Adrienne, if Kimberly gets Rick who would you like to see Amber with?

Adrienne: C.J., because C.J. always loved Amber deep down inside... from the beginning. So maybe one day Amber will wise up.

Mom2JJS asks: Will there be a confrontation worthy of the fans expectations?

Adrienne: Wait and see, 'cause if I tell you it'll ruin everything!

Ant16_99 asks: Ashley: I was wondering how you liked working on Saved By the Bell : The New Class? Do you still keep in touch with the rest of the cast?

Ashley: It was good. I liked working on it. It was a good stepping stone for me. I keep in touch with a couple of the cast members, but working on B&B has been a more positive atmosphere and situation for me.

amanda6421 asks: Amber why don't you just tell Rick about the baby?

Adrienne: 'Cause we wouldn't have a very good story then, would we? Because she truly loves him and she doesn't want to let anything ruin it.

kristiej_99 asks: do you get to keep all of the clothes you wear?

Ashley: No

Adrienne: No. We could always borrow them

Ashley: Tonight I borrowed something to wear to a party. We can borrow, but we can't take.

bladesinger0 asks: Ashley, do you think this plot will give alot of your younger viewers something to think about

Ashley: Definitely. I think that teen abstinence is one of the biggest issues, other than drugs. It's definitely a good storyline, and it will show the girls and guys out there the consequences of getting pregnant before getting married to someone you know you will be with and raise a child in a good environment

Sunflowerseed1999 asks: Adienne, do you enjoy acting the part of the bitch?

Adrienne: Yes, I'm a bitch and I love being the bitch because I get to do fun, crazy things... it's better to play the bad person. No offense to Ashley, but I think personally it's better to play the character everybody loves to hate

nikkifan asks: Ashley, will you start persuing a new hunk or is Rick it for you

Ashley: Wait and see!

Kristen_Blake_DiMera asks: Why didn't Brooke and Eric charge Amber with Molesting Rick....isnt she alot older than him?

Adrienne: Yes, but Rick threatened to leave and run away and his parents would rather have him as part of their life than not be in their life whatsoever

stodi_0 asks: Do yall know ahead of time what will happen with your characters... or are you in the dark also.

Ashley: We're in the dark also

Adrienne: We know a month and a half in advance


Ashley: They're always respectful. When they want to take their pictures they do, but they're never rude about it. In my case... I don't know about anybody else.

Adrienne: Well no, not really, but sometimes if you're in a hurry or something and you wanna go inside some photographers can be a little nasty, which I don't think is necessary but most of the time it's fine.

nikkifan asks: Is Rick and Kimberly going to high school? They must have a very relaxed schedule!:)

Ashley: Yes, Rick and Kimberly go to high school. You just don't see it.

Concilio26 asks: Are you three going to attend the emmys this year?

Ashley: Yes. I am.

Adrienne: Maybe. Yeah, I think so

Yael_17 asks: Where is Bridget?

Adrienne: She's at dance class

shhugar asks: is it hard to kiss guys on-screen & not feel anything for them?

Ashley: No, because it's all part of your job. Everyday you're doing that. If you're friends with them, or not, you're acting. When you're in the moment you have to feel for that person, but once you're done you know it's pretend. But there are cases where you fall in love with a co-star because you do scenes together every day... but not in my case.

Adrienne: Not in my case either. You basically summed it up, Ashley.

Luvvy_15 asks: Do you ever get the chance to watch yourselves on TV?

Ashley: I watch the show every day. Just because I'm new and want to see what's going on and how I do, because I've only been on for 6 months

Adrienne: I watch everyday and I've been on for a long time. I tape it

Kel1992 asks: Adrienne, do you get annoyed by people coming up to you alot asking for autographs?

Adrienne: No, not at all

Adrienne: As long as people are respectful and don't be pushy... I had a bad encounter... I had someone push me and call me a "bitch" and say "how could you do that to Rick". So as long as they're nice I don't have a problem

AzaleaSmoke asks: Is Jacob (Rick) a good kisser?

Adrienne: Yeah, I don't know if I can't think of him like that... he's like a brother figure... Yeah, I guess he is.

Ashley: He is... I don't think of him like that either. He is.

Sunbeam198 asks: Ashley, are your parents as controlling as your on screen dad?

Ashley: No. My parents trust me a lot more and give me a lot more leeway than my dad on screen.

bladesinger0 asks: what do your friends think of your success do they act differently.

Ashley: I don't really have a lot of friends because of it, because I'm working a lot and a lot of people get jealous or mean. I have maybe five good friends and then there are acquaintances, people I know. And my family - those are the most important people to me in my life.

Sunflowerseed1999 asks: Do any of you aspire to be "Oscar" contenders?

Ashley: Of course!

Adrienne: Of course!

Ashley: That's what every actress or actor wants. Gwyneth Paltrow looked so beautiful on Sunday! She looked like a princess.

Adrienne: I watched the end of the's cool...

lindakot asks: What's it like working with Susan Flannery (Stephanie) both as a director and a fellow actor?

Adrienne: Susan rocks. I love Susan. She's such a great director. She knows what she's doing, she gets it done and she's really quick. And when I'm working with her she always knows her lines, she's always on top of it...SHE ROCKS!!!

Ashley: She's awesome. My first day I was on the show, she was directing, which was really cool. She directs once or twice a year. One day I wasn't doing a scene with her and I had to cry, and I couldn't do it, I was so nervous. She told me to relax, just breathe, you'll do fine. she went upstairs to watch from the booth, and I had no problem. It was really nice of her.

angel0745 asks: What do you do in your spare time?

Write music, play with my band, do things like that. Adrienne: Normal things

Ashley: I like to ride horses, hang out with my family and my boyfriend. I like to sing and dance and shop, those are my favorite things to do

stoner69_1 asks: I think the show should be an hour long what do you think?

Ashley: Definitely. Hopefully that will happen. I know I want it to be an hour show.

Adrienne: Sure, why not? That means we'll have to wake up a couple of hours earlier, maybe not

Kel1992 asks: Ashley, What advice would you give to a person who wanted to become an actress?

Ashley: Make sure you really want to do it. It's a big commitment. If you really want to do it, go all out and do it.

Yael_17 asks: Adrienne what's the name of your band, and why?

Adrienne: It was Adrienne Frantz and the Dresden Slip and it was that because my guitar player Jerry had a little too much alcohol at a club called The Dresden, and he decided he'd become monkey boy and climbed into a tree and the branch broke and he walked around with a limp for about three and a half months. But now its just me, Adrienne Frantz

Kel1992 asks: Adrienne, What is it like to work with Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)?

Adrienne: Katherine's great... it's really great that our characters hate each other so much because we love each other off screen.... It's a great contrast... and we giggle a lot

WNNZelda asks: Will Kimberly ever get to have "happy scenes"?

Ashley: I hope so! I'm sick of crying, but we'll see... she does have happy scenes. Keep watching and you'll see sides of her.

bladesinger0 asks: are there days you feel like skipping work

Ashley: Yes. I love my job, but there's days when the alarm clock goes off and I want to sleep... but once I'm up I'm glad to be there.

Adrienne: Yeah, I think the times I don't want to be there is when I'm sick, 'cause I'm a workaholic... but sometimes I really don't wanna be there and I make myself go... I've never called in sick a day in my life

shhugar asks: do you have lines you have to remember everyday or do you just make up words as you go along? How do you memorize all those lines everyday?

Ashley: We have lines that we have to learn every day.

Nameguy43 asks: Are you single?

Ashley: No.

Adrienne: No

chica10_98 asks: Adrienne what kind of music do you listen to?

Adrienne: I listen to a lot of classic rock and Beatles, Doors, Bowie and then I listen to some modern stuff too like the Goo Goo Dolls and Sarah McLaughlin

Ashley: I listen to a lot of R&B, Brandi, I like her.. Boys 2 Men. I listen to Mariah Carey, I like a lot of hip hop. I like some stuff like the Goo Goo Dolls, Fiona Apple, some contemporary bands. I like country also. I love country music. I like everything, basically.

OD36 asks: What is your favorite episode?

Adrienne: It was one that I just did. I can't tell you what it is but I can tell you it's the best scene of my life and it's coming up in the next few months

Ashley: So far my favorite scene I've taped.. I like the beginning because I did some fun stuff with Rick, where we danced and had dinner. My favorite emotional scene was when my dad and Macy and Sally were telling me they were my relatives.

Adrienne: You did a really good job, I forgot to tell you

Ashley: I was happy with my performance. Goodbye everybody! God bless you. Thanks for watching. We love you!

Adrienne: Goodnight everyone, thank you for chatting with us and IT'S BEEN FUN!! Keep watching B & B

Interactive Q&A with B&B's Adrienne Frantz

After a fairly inauspicious daytime debut -- her stint as Sunset Beach's Tiffany lasted under six months -- but when Adrienne Frantz blew into Bold & Beautiful as sassy, trashy Amber Moore, it was clear a star was born.

Three years and one Daytime Emmy nomination later, Frantz has emerged as one of soaps' most deft and dynamic young leads. After soliciting questions from fans, Digest Online caught the actress on her lunch break and posed some of your most probing and provocative inquiries. Her candid responses follow.

Dear Adrienne, First let me say that you're the reason I started watching Bold and the Beautiful. My question is: Sometimes, when a character on a soap gets raves and recognition for being a "bad girl," it seems the more popular these characters become, the more the writers seem to soften them, turning them into boring "good girls," instead of leaving them the scheming, trouble-making hussies that fans like myself love to hate. How do you plan to help save "Amber" from such a fate? -- Tracey

Adrienne Frantz: Thank you for the compliment! To answer your question, one good thing about Amber is that she's never completely been a bad girl -- she's kind of walked the in-between line at all times. So I don't think there's a chance of her ever completely being good. She's always got that wild streak! So I don't think you have to worry…. Though Amber definitely does have a good side to her.

Hey there, Adrienne! Your performance as Amber is awesome day after day. Do you have an all-time favorite scene from your time on B&B? -- Andie

Adrienne Frantz: I'd have to say my favorite scene was when my baby died on the show because I just completely went all out. I don't have any inhibitions when I act; I just kind of do it and then go, "Wow! Whew, that took a lot out of me!" and then I go home exhausted. I just felt that scene so deeply, you know? It felt amazing to do a scene like that. I was bawling my eyes out in that one!

Amber's scenes with Stephanie are always terrific. What is it like working with Susan Flannery (Stephanie), and what have you learned from her? -- Marika

Adrienne Frantz: Susan is such an amazing actress; she totally gives 110 % to every scene. I think that's what I've learned from her: you can't do anything half-a**. You just have to go all the way. She has such guts; she's got such an amazing power on-screen. I've learned a lot from her. When she won her Emmy, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, I was so happy for her! I was crying, screaming… I knew she was going to win, I just knew it, and I was so happy for her.

Hi there, Adrienne! I wanted to e-mail you a question since you my favorite actress on the planet! Anyway, my question is: who are your role models and how do they inspire you? -- Kelley

Adrienne Frantz: I don't know if I really have a role model per se, but an actress that I've always really admired is Meg Ryan. I think she just has such a presence that she brings to the screen. You always want to watch more of her; you never get sick of her. And she's just so cute, you know? LOL

Hi Adrienne! I absolutely adore you as Amber in The Bold and the Beautiful. Your name, Frantz, sounds kinda German -- where do your ancestors come from? Do you travel a lot? What countries have you already visited, which country did you like best and what other countries would you like to see? -- Sophie

Adrienne Frantz: I actually don't know that much about my father's side of the family, so I'm not sure if our roots are German. Sorry!

As for traveling, oh my gosh, I travel all the time! I can't even remember all the countries I've been to. I've been to Europe tons of times, like at least nine times. I've been to Italy, London, Amsterdam, Finland. I've been to Tahiti. My next trip scheduled is at the beginning of October; I'll be going back to Amsterdam. And I'm going to South Africa, too, sometime in the near future. I love Italy, love Italy. My favorite place I've been in the past year has to be Pompei. I loved Pompei. I'm a big freak for learning. I love to learn stuff, and anywhere I can go where I can learn something, I'm going to love. Pompei was amazing.

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