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1 Why doesn`t VINTERSEMESTRE want to tell who the members of the band are ?

2 What will the first full lenght VINTERSEMESTRE album be like ?

More atmospheric or faster than the JÄÄVERISAATANA mcd ?

3 Can you tell us what does JÄÄVERISAATANA mean ?

4 If all the members are also in other black-metal bands, why did you make another band ? Don`t you like your other/own bands ?

5 Because you won`t reveal your identities, I suppose you`ll never be on tour or play gigs with VINTERSEMESTRE ?

6 Anything else ?



The black-metal scene today with all the "penquin masks" and kids with "satanic" names taken from some fake-satanism books or other bands` lyrics has become somewhat ridiculous ! The most important thing - the music - seem to be less important than the image of the band. Nails, spikes, darkness and overall misanthropic attitudes towards everything is more of an cliche now. From our point of view it`s ok to wear masks on a gig, but that`s only because a gig is ment to be theatrical act with something to look at and black-metal bands need to look, as well as sound, dark and scary. Anyway, the fact is that wearing masks is nothing new anymore. For example KISS did than very succesfully years ago. That`s why bands of today should try to come up with something more original. Lots of bands could improve their gigs by planning their shows ahead a little bit, e.g. the lighting and pyro-effects can make a helluva difference, not to forget the playing skills and sound quality. If a band has created an image of what so ever for the pictures and band photos, it`s pure stupidness to ruin it by looking like shit when playing live. From our point of view when you consider all that and you can`t come up with anything new and interesting, forget your band and start doing something else, like reading or something other usefull. Today it also seem to be a fact that almost every new so called black-metal band ride to success rather by their image and record-company`s marketing skills, than by their music. Majority of the bands can`t play shit ! So, what VINTERSEMESTRE likes to do, is to bring out the music, as it`s the main item, and not to fool people with some fake images. We propably are using some kind of fake or nick-names on our new full lenght CD titled KIRKKOKYRPÄ. The names are there only to protect our musical rights, not for any other reason ! You can also be sure that our names are not taken from any La Vey`s or other`s books (Necronomicon etc.) KIRKKOKYRPÄ should be released some time this summer (1996). It contains some very old songs as did JÄÄVERISAATANA, but also brand new ones. The musical style we think has remained the same, but if possible with even more clearly heard style-difference that separate VINTERSEMESTRE from other black-metal bands to their own unique spheres. More athmospheric songs are present, but the fastness is there too, and maybe even faster than before... The sound quality since JÄÄVERISAATANA has improved a bit, which should be a pleasent thing to all listeners. The title JÄÄVERISAATANA is related to a personal event in the bands history that took place 1992. Because it`s person related we won`t tell what really happened, but the straight translation of JÄÄVERISAATANA is ICEBLOODSATAN. And here`s a reminder to all the people that were involved...IT IS NOT YET OVER !!

We`ve noticed that there are many misunderstandings and some misinformation around VINTERSEMESTRE. First of all, all the other bands we are involved in are not black-metal. There can be only one and only black-metal band for us which is VINTERSEMESTRE. VINTERSEMESTRE is not a project band. All the other bands are thought as projects. Eventhough we play in other bands VINTERSEMESTRE has always been writing material during the years and is THE band for us. But all the other bands and musical styles are needed to improve our overall playing skills and one have to remember that there are lots of good music in the world besides black-metal. If someone is too narrow minded to realize that - fuck you. After all, we don`t even have the need to explain our doings to somebody who don`t appreciate them. Death to our enemies, love for our friends. As for now, there are no tours planned. Some gigs have been played, but only in certain occasions...

This one goes to certain modern so called satanists, If you don`t know what you are dealing with, don`t talk about it ! La Vey or Crowley for example didn`t have but only about 10 % new original thoughts, the rest were just old pagan believes put together. That`s why don`t think them as creators of something special !

You can`t deny God if you consider yourself a Satan worshipper, They do belong`s all a part of the worlwide conspiracy called church, especially catholic. Too many people are being fed lies and they just believe everything. Open your eyes, read and learn to listen to different opinions. Don`t forget psychology and filosofy, they offer many usefull theories about human behaviour and believes. Don`t mindlessly follow others, try to shape your own opinions and life...

- VINTERSEMESTRE 4/26/1996 -



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