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January 11, 2012
What a sad, sad mess. I haven't touched this website since March of '09, and shortly after that I stopped paying for the domain, and all the links went kaput. I'm actually surprised that Angelfire hasn't given it the axe yet.

Having said that, I'm actually happily surprised that this is still here. There were several things I had stored in the web shell that I didn't have on my computer that I thought had been lost forever. A very nice surprise indeed.
Now that I know this is still here, even after I thought it had bowed out gracefully and disappeared into the interwebs, I think I might resurrect it.. sorta. I've had this website for 12 years this year, if it's not dead yet, maybe it's worth keeping? If I do, it'll be a slow process, and I'll be cutting back on some of the images, to keep the rest of the content, which will have to get re-written... I might just start from scratch. Who knows.
Working with a toddler might be a problem... but we'll see how it goes, ha.

To anyone who is reading this, and had been to the site prior to it's death, hi! /wave

Looking forward to doing something with this. :)