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The painter was born in 1960 in a small village not far from Ufa/Bashkortostan/. It so happened that he began learning art at a mature age, within the walls of the old Academy of Arts in St.Petersburg between1982 till 1987. He also studied at the Evening drawing classes. In addition he attended Lessons of outstanding modern professors and artists such as I.P.Veselkin, O.Ponomarenko, V.Zagonek, L.Kostenko( and others. From 1988 to 1993 he continued and successfully graduated from another equally respected high school - the Leningrad Art College named after Muhima. Having learnt design he began his search for possible ways of combining the two Kinds of art. In 1997 he thought of a new direction and exhibited 7 paintings at the International exhibition "Dialogues" in St. Petersburg. In 1998 he founded the creative group "Artel". On the 1st of Mach 1999 he opens a permanent gallery under the name of "Artel". He participated in the following exhibitions: 1985-St. Petersburg "Manege"; 1987-the alternate exhibition of modern artists "The year of 1937" St. Petersburg; 1990-1993 exhibitions within the walls of the Muhina art college; 1994-the International exhibition in the Expocentre in Moscow; 1995-the exhibition in the museum of Donetsk, the Ukraine; 1997-the international exhibition "Dialogues" in "Manege" in St. Petersburg; 1998-the cityfs exhibition in "Manege", St. Petersburg. 1999-the solo exhibition in Tosno. St. Petersburg. 2000-the city`s exhibition in Tampere, Finland.