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Birthday Gift (Given as Speech)
(First Letter Match to Title)


Ann's Bright Star

After all is said and done, the record will include

Names of all who know you for the love that you exude

None can know as much as I the power that you hold

Symbolizing health and life with spirit oh so bold

By my side you make me feel so humbled by your quest

Racing towards your own bright star to do your very best

I think of songs once written and our kids Alli and Max

Going for the gusto, seeing Libby pace your tracks

Having shared a wondrous life with someone such as you

Takes me to a future, filled with love and things to do

Sit back now and take great pride in everything you are

To everyone around you, you are truly our bright star

Ann, accept this as a symbol, set in print for all to see

Reminding us to have the faith to be all we can be


Theme Speech to Group (Segment)


Vision to Reality

I am extremely proud to be given this opportunity to address you all during this wonderful and momentous celebration, dedicated today to one of the greatest visionaries of our time. As we highlight and adopt our "Vision to Reality" and allow it to unfold for us, we can proudly ride the crest of a new wave into this bold and exciting new millennium. We must never underestimate the great pride we should all enjoy for taking part in the vast achievements that have been made technologically and sociologically, within our country and throughout our world. Each and every individual contribution, no matter how small it may seem, should be taken to heart as equally worthy in each step towards its proper outcome. Each vision, individual or collective, has the power to successfully create its own unique reality. The more we now pause to reflect on our expectations of the past, and note the actual accomplishments as well as the milestones that have been made, the more unreal it all seems.........


Promotional Business Letter (Segment)


In today's corporate world the emphasis on streamlining and quality for the purpose of maintaining a competitive edge is undoubtedly foremost within the thinking of any management philosophy. Surely the cost of doing business and setting up staff functions regularly can put a strain on and directly challenge the bottom line. The overall cost of individual accommodations and all associated expenses, along with a less than desirable outcome, can make these expenses, at times, a bitter pill to swallow. My agency specializes in group travel and cruises ranging from 3 to 10 days. I would like to emphasize the fact that our cruises are completely all inclusive. Conference rooms, all meals (casual to elegant), all activities, ports of call, entertainment, spas, pools, and................................


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