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Teaching Tips and Learning Theory Page

Here are some general guides to modern ideas about the way students learn. Start here if you are new to educational theory:

A quick guide to learning theories 1.
A quick guide to learning theories 2.
A quick guide to learning theories 3.

A bit more specific......

The Learning Cycle 1.

The Learning Cycle 2.

Constructivism and so-called 5E lesson plans.

The conceptual change theory of learning. A popular model that explains why teaching science can sometimes be so difficult. Originally proposed by Posner et. al. in 1982, conceptual change theory draws on Kuhn's model of the nature of science. It suggests that the process of learning in individuals has strong parrallels with the processes of knowledge-building within the scientific research community.

Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Learning Styles. A gateway to other "learning styles" links. Understanding the diversity of learning styles in your class is the key to success.

Biography of Jean Piaget. Considered a pioneer in cognitive theories and an important giant in the field.

Dictionary of cognitive science. Confused by new language? Now you know how your students feel. Look here to work out what those pesky educational psychologists are talking about.


Association for the Education of Teachers of Science.
National Association of Biology Teachers.
Association of College and University Biology Educators.

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