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 Rob's Images

This is page is under construction but currently features some video-trapped images of activities I enjoy.

I enjoy...............

 Teaching, especially marine Zoology.

  Mucking around with computer graphics. With a little help from PHOTOSHOP, here's what I might look like in 20 years. I like the look so much I might just shave my hair off instead of waiting for it to fall out.

  Scuba and marine photography

  Video microscopy. My Science Education Doctoral research will concentrate on using video microscopy technology in the classroom.

  Working on my aquarium displays in the B&Z building. I have about 20 systems in all, each designed to mimic a real ecosystem. The collection includes marine, freshwater and terrarium systems.

Recreationally I enjoy almost anything outdoors:



.... as well as goofing around with my friends:


Below are some images of my four-unit townhouse building, truck and motorcycle. I live in one unit of the building and rent the others out . Need a reasonably priced place to live in Columbus? EMAIL me for details.




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 The Ohio State University
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 Rob Day's Home Page

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