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Below are some very common rugby terms that you will here very commonly:-

Advantage:- A method of referee. The referee allows the game to proceed uninterrupted as long as the ball is in play and there are no major infractions. Play can continue after an infraction if the non-offending team gains an advantage.

Blind Side:-The side nearest to the touch line.

Drop Kick:-A kick technique where the ball is dropped to the ground and as it bounces back up it is kicked.

Dummy:-A technique where one pretends to pass the ball.

Free Kick:- Kick where a score may be made. Can be taken as a place kick, drop kick or if no score is attempted, a punt.

Knock On:-Where a player drops the ball forward (toward the opponents goal line)

Line Out:- A play where two single file lines are formed by both teams after the ball goes out of touch. A player from the team that did not take it out throws the ball back in from the touch line between the two lines. This brings the ball back into play and determines which team receives the ball.

Maul:- A loose formation brought around a player who is still in possession of the ball and has not been brought to the ground.

Obstruction:- Also called blocking. Where a player gets in the way of an opponent who is chasing after the ball. This results in a penalty.

Off-Side:- Generally when a player is in front of the ball when it was played last by a team member. A penalty occurs if a player is off-side and obstructs an opponent, plays the ball or is within 10 meters (10 yards) of an opponent playing the ball.

Penalty Kick:- Kick awarded to the non-offending team after a penalty occurs.

Place Kick:-A kick technique where the ball is place on the ground before being kicked.

Punt:- A kick technique where the ball is dropped and kicked before it touches the ground.

Ruck:- A loose formation created around a free ball or a player who has been brought to the ground with the ball.

Scrum (Scrummage):- A tight formation between the two opposing teams in readiness for the ball to be put in the tunnel between the two front rows and brought out into play.

Try:-Method of scoring worth 5 points by touching the ball down in the opponent's goal area.