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FREDDY VS JASON update from... Krueger himself

Submitted by Paul

Hey folks, Harry here and from a distant Islander... from far off Georgia, comes word via coconut that Freddy himself was shouting about his on-screen adventures with JASON and where exactly all of that stuff is at the moment. So strap in and listen up folks... Though it has been in development hell for many a moon... perhaps the positive word of mouth about JASON X and it's potential will light a fire under this project so we can see this long awaited film....

Hey Harry,

At a little after 7am today in Atlanta I heard Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger) on the radio (96 Rock's the Regular Guys) talked about the forth coming Freddy vs. Jason movie. He said production was put off until the release of Jason X. I believe Jason X is coming out Friday April 13, 2001. But hears the best part. He says that when Jason vs. Freddy is done it will have two endings. One where Freddy wins and one where Jason wins. When it gets released half will have a Freddy friendly ending and the other half Jason friendly. And they will not advertise which theater has which ending.

So people seeing it will not know who wins until the end.

Geek On


New info on Robert's upcoming project! And also a new interview from Robert about Freddy vs Jason!! NEW ROBERT MOVIE!!!!

Submitted by Lily Dragon

'2000 Maniacs'

Remake Plans are afoot to remake what may arguably be goremeister Herschell Gordon Lewis's best film, Two Thousand Maniacs. While talking to's Smilin' Jack Ruby, writer-producer Tim Sullivan spoke of his in the works project called 2001 Maniacs. The original film tells the story of a weird far southern town which a group of yankees come upon. There's a typical small town festival going on, and the unknowing visitors are treated as the town's special guests. Soon, though, they learn that the town is made up of crazed murderous maniacs who one-by-one dispatch the unknowing tourist in silly, but gory ways. We also learn by story's end that all the occupants of the town are ghosts of those that had been slaughtered by Union soldiers during the Civil War who come back every year to exact their revenge on those foolish enough to journey into town at the wrong time.

Sullivan also revealed that Robert Englund is set to take on the role of the town's murderous leader, Mayor Buckman.

In addition, Lin Shaye (There's Something About Mary, Kingpin) may also join the cast as yet another crazed locale, this one named Granny Boone.

Sullivan is also planning on two further films that explore the ghostly revenge story: 2002 Maniacs and 2003 Maniacs. Sullivan reveals that the second film's story would feature the maniacs going out on the road after the state government plows over the roads to their town in an attempt to stop the murders. The third film would feature a group of teenagers who decide to investigate the town taking video cameras, etc. ala Blair Witch Project.

The three films will be written by Sullivan with Chris Kobin. Sullivan may also direct as well. Rhino is said to be interested in the three films which may go direct-to-video.

Sullivan also has the rights to remake a number of other H.G. Lewis films, the first of which after Maniacs he says he would like to do is Color Me Blood Red.

With the project still very much up in the air, there aren't any plot details as yet, but Englund has one or two of his own ideas. "I'm really hoping that they have a dream sequence in Jason's mind, a Jason nightmare, because that's the only way Freddy could ever vanquish him anyway."

But it's not just defeating the killer that interests Englund. He goes on to say, "it would be a great Freudian, psycho, sicko dreamscape to go inside Jason's head and see what goes on when he's dreaming and maybe show what led Jason to become the evil that he is." Submitted by Lily Dragon


Here is all the info I could find on some of Robert's upcoming movies!! Some of them might be rumors though, but I am listing them anyway.

Freddy Vs. Jason

Release Date: Unknown (there's really no firm word about when this movie might be produced or released)

Release Date Rumors: (7/18/00) The latest rumor, posted over at Dark Horizons, is that filming might start this December, 2000, aiming for an October, 2001 release. This is far from confirmed, and for now is just the latest in a long, long, long series of rumored dates.

MPAA Rating: Probably an R for assorted gore, violence (Most previous entries in both franchises were rated R.)

Distributor: New Line Cinema

Cast: Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees)

Director: Unknown, though Rob Bottin (debut) was long connected to it.

Screenwriter: There have been many scripts for this film over the year, with the most recent considered script being one by Mark Verheiden (cowriter of The Mask, Timecop) Another recent script was by comic book writer James Robinson (Starman) and David S. Goyer (Blade).

Based upon: This movie combines the stars of two of the longest-running horror franchises: Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th). This is the 8th and 10th movie, respectively, of each of those series.

Premise: Freddy and Jason face off for control of Hell. At this point, much more detail than that appears to be mostly conjecture and rumor.

Jason X: The other film which will get made either before or after Freddy Vs. Jason is Jason X, the 10th in the Friday the 13th series.

(1/17/00) Various sources have confirmed that production is starting in February on this movie... you can expect a preview page for this movie soon.

Filming: There is no production date for this movie, and no news of when it will be.

(7/18/00) Dark Horizons posted an unconfirmed rumor that filming could start on December 16th, 2000, but until New Line announces it officially, it's difficult to consider it much more than a rumor, especially considering other reports that New Line was waiting until after the release of Jason X to make any decisions regarding this project.

Whether this movie ends up being a straight-ahead spooky-thing-around-the-corner movie, a big special-effects fantasy adventure, or a slash-em, dice-em action movie (or a little of all of the above), the end result is hard to guess. It might not win many awards at the end of the year, but of course, that's not what either series were really about, but were about giving the audience what they expect. With the Friday the 13th series, the allure was the terror of the unholy Juggernaut, of the bad man who can't be stopped. With the A Nightmare on Elm Street, the concept was a bit more cerebral, as victims' sins were punished in bizarre/sureal dream manifestations of their crime, all accompanied by "zingers" from Freddy, who in retrospect, was sort of like Bugs Bunny with claws; the evil quipster.

Teamed up, or dueling each other to the death, Freddy and Jason represent opposite ends of the horror spectrum, with one being the silent, creeping doom; and the other being the Dionysian blabbermouth. However these two forces-of-evil are thrown together, fans will probably line up in droves to see the end result.

(4/14/00) This project has been in the works for a long time, and continues to be. Jason X is currently in the works, and the production of this movie will probably wait until some time after that movie is released.

(6/4/00) An anonymous scooper at Corona's Coming Attractions reports that the verdict on this movie may be waiting until after the October, 2001 release of Jason X. If that film tanks, that may be the end of this project.

Coutesy of Greg @

Wish You Were Dead

Directed by: Valerie McCaffrey

Writing credits: Scott Firestone (I)

Genre: Thriller

Plot Outline: Two bad women fight over one man in a back-stabbing, money-grabbing, insurance-hustling, double-dealing, two-timing caper.

Production Notes/Status: Status: Completed

Status Updated: 24 June 2000

Note: Since this project is categorized as being in production, the data is subject to change or could be removed completely.


Directed by: Richard Clabaugh

Status: Completed

Find out more at the official site!! Official Site: UFOFILMS.COM (Trailer now available!!)

Coming soon: Pics from the moive Python!!

Baby Freddy's Thoughts: I think that right now the movie that is closest to coming out is Python, which looks like a pretty good horror movie, although if you've seen Anaconda, it might seem like the same thing. But I will defianelty see this one just becuase it has Robert in it.... you know me. ;)

And we are not knowing Sh** about Wish You Were Dead, they haven't told a single thing about this damn movie in a long time. There is not even an official site for it yet. But considering who all is in it, it should be cool.

Okay, we know that Freddy Vs Jason is supposedly starting production soon. But as it says in the article above, it might not happen in Jason X doesn't do good. SO PLEASE GO AND SEE JASON X!!!!! I don't care if you are True Freddy fans! If Jason X bombs there WILL BE NO FREDDY VS JASON!! *begs*

Alright. I'm done now,

Baby Freddy