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Note From Baby Freddy: Hey everyone!! I am so sorry that I haven't updated this site since August. I have been sending out the newsletters though. I just haven't had enoug time to get everything updated and keep track of all my websites. I HAVE updated this site as of now, and I will continue to update it in the future, just probably not every month. Also, sorry about the mixed design on here. Pretty soon I will add a new permanent design to the site becuase I don't have time to change it anymore.


Baby Freddy

B i o g r a p h Y

F i l m o g r a p h Y

P i c t u r e S

T v a p p e a r e n c e S

N e w S

A n i g h t m a r e o n e l m s t r e e T

O n t V

W r i t e h i M

C h a T

I n t e r v i e w S

R e v i e w S

G u e s t b o o K

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This IS NOT the official Robert Englund site and I am in no way affiliated with the horror legend but I sure do wish I was!

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