Click on picture to enlarge Informing People About Modern Trapping.....

Having learned from last year, we were better organized this time, by roping off a section in which the boys could all stand and look on at the demos. There were 3 'sections'. One for Chris, one for Jackie, and one for Bob. Many Thanks also to Richard Sudderth and Lane Smith for their help earlier in the day. My appoligies for not having photos of these guys. Here you will see Chris talking to the boys as they are looking on.

Click on picture to enlarge And here's Jackie McMurtry talking to a group of scouts

As you can see the scouts flow from Jackie on down to Chris. (Chris is in the background). This provided a great demo area allowing us to have 3 different places for the scouts to stop and see various things and ask questions.

Click on picture to enlarge And here's Bob talking to a group of scouts

In this picture, Bob has quite a few boys listening. If you look to the left, you will see one of the scouts touching some of the fur pelts on display. From this picture, you should have a good idea of how the whole thing flowed. Beginning with Bob, then to Jackie, and then to Chris. These scouts all had a chance to ask lots of questions and as you can tell, there was a great interest among the group.

Click on picture to enlarge A dirt hole set for fox.

Here is another area in which either of us (Chris, Bob, Jackie, Richard or Lane) could move over to, and show the boys how to set for fox or coyote. This area was complete with all the necessary tools, including some fox urine.

Click on picture to enlarge A display of the various types of traps.

In Chris' area, there was a display of most types of traps. These boyscouts showed great interest when it came to setting traps. They had lots of questions.

Click on picture to enlarge Souts and more scouts

They came in groups all day long and had all kinds of questions. It was a tiresom but rewarding day at the camporee!!!

Click on picture to enlarge 10,000 plus++++++ Scouts

This is the beginning and when you drive over the hill, its just a grea big corn field with sooooooo many tents you would just have to "see in order to believe". Wish you could have been there! It was a lot of fun!!!

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