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Nils Holgersson and The Wild Geese

The Book
Nils is a wondeful story written by the famous swedish author named Selma Lagerlef. it was meant to be a geography book for teaching children the landscapes of Sweden in an easy way. it has become a famous book all over the world and so, a cartoon series which this page is dedicated to.

Nils Holgersson
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a very naughty lad who mistreated his parents and the farm animals in his back-yard. One day, a magic dwarf came into the house and when Nils was unkind to him as well, the dwarf set a magic spell on Nils and his little hamster and turned them into dwarfs Liliputs themselves. After attacked by the yard animals,he grasped a goose named Martin,who wanted to fly with a flock of wild geese to Lapland. the flock has experienced many adventures on the journey. but they all approached Lapland with no harm. at the end of the story Nils has returned home and learned an important lesson: that animals has their full rights just the same as human-beings. if you have'nt cried in the last episode-you're not human!:)

The Geese


Martin is a cute innocent house's goose. his whole body is white and his legs & beak are orange. Martin grew at Nil's yard with many kinds of animals. he was called "the king of the yard" for some reason. after Nils has become a dwarf,a flock of wild geese had passed upon the yard to mock at the white geese and chickens who cannot fly.Martin claimed that he can fly even to Lapland and tried time after time to prove that his words are trouth. only after the flock left the place and continued with the journey, Martin took his last chance and succeeded to fly with Nils and Oggy on his neck's the begining Martin failed in flying and was almost left behind, but after he trained and passed the flock's tests,he got accepted by the leader,Akka. Martin has soon become Nil's best friend and when he reached Lapland,he established his own family with Daffy,his lovely mate.

The leader,Akka

Akka is an old wise goose that has been chosen to lead her geese flock to Lappland and back every year. she came from the north mountains of sweden and has adopted an eagle name Gorgo,after his parents had been shot. Akka agreed that Martin will become a member of the flock mostly because of Nils. she saw that Nils is smart and brave and so she thought he could protect her flock from enemies. through the journey she got in a real good friendship with Nils and tought him many things about nature and animals.

Deputy Gunnar

A very seriouse and devoted to his job is the goose Gunnar. he always looks as if he is angry at someone but inside he has a good soul. he alaways flys behind Akka and is respunsible to inform the flock when they lend. at nights he has a duty to guard the flock when they sleep. Gunnar does'nt like Martin so much cause he claims that Martin brings troubles. with Nils,Gunnar has fine relations. Gunnar always does what Akka tells him to do. he has done many brave things like diving down to look for Nils in a storm and saving Ingrid from evil hunters.

Gentle Ingrid

The lady of the flock is the goose Ingrid,filled with a gentle charm and a loving heart. she welcomes Martin and Nils to the flock,although she has doubts about them. but after Nils saves her from the fox's paws,she has a full believe in him. at the begining of the journey,we are all sure that Ingrid will be Martin's mate,since she shows affection to him. but after Gunnar saves her from the hunter's guns,she completely falls in love with him and becomes his mate.

Grumpy Gustav

Rost's best friend,and the most grumpy goose in the flock. Gustav has been hating Nils since the begining of the journey till its end.he also mocked Martin in any impossible way,but after finding mates and making families,Gustav was left alone and single.he has failed in love and even Rost didn't pay much of attention to him... but since he is strong he can handle these situations

Lazy Rost

He is the most fat and clumsy goose in the whole flock. you will always find him looking for food or saying that he is hungry. he claims that food makes him strong but Tzily,his mate, clames that it's only making him fat and weak... Rost is the best friend of Gustav,and at the begining they both hated Nils and wished for him to leave the flock but through the journey rost got to like Nils. in the city Opsala they both went to look for food and when Rost thought that Tzily wants to marry Gustav,Nils was there for him to cheer him up.

Tzily,The Singer

with a very high voice,Tzily sings for her own joy. she thinks the geese like her beautyful singing but actually,they really hate it...and if anyone says something bad about it-she treats him... her great proud in the journey was her show with Ingrid on the mount Kola,when all the animals listened to her singing. although she is Ingrid's best friend,she is not gentle like her at all. in fact,she can shout and scream so loud that even the fox runs away. she had a big fight with Gunnar,after he complained about her singing and as for Rost,her mate,she rebukes him.

Pretty Daffy

Daffy is a very special goose. she isn't brown like all the geese in the flock-but grey. she lived in the island Eland,the home of the grey geese. but one day,Daffy broke her wing and left without no help. Lucky her that Martin and Nils found her and took care of her. after speaking with Akka,Daffy has joined the flock. Martin has asked her "hand" from her parents and they agreed. Daffy has two sisters who are madly in love with Martin.

The Evil Fox

it is a thin red fox named Shushu. (in hebrew) From the begining of the journey till its end,the staborn fox followed the flock wherever it flew. when the flock headed north-he headed north,and when the flock headed south-he headed south. since Nils saved Ingrid from the fox'a paws,he tried to kill him in any possible way,but failed time after time. non of the animals liked him,not even the red foxes. he was lonely and hungry and the only thing that kept him alive was hope. at the end of the journey,Shushu lost his hope. but then,he met a beautyful vixen named Shushi,which changed his life forever. they got married and their plan was to bring many little foxes to the world ;)

This Show's Influence

I used to watch Nils every day when I was 6. it has inspired me to draw and since then,drawing has become my favorite hobby. I liked to draw mainly the flock in flight or in the lake. and sometimes I wrote the name of the geese with mistakes...
here is A Drawing Of the Flock I made when I was 6.

My Collection

Glass The Movie Book Series

Picture Gallery

Martin's Family The flock is angry at Nils The flock on the mice castle The geese help a lost baby Nils And Martin Martin Flies Martin and Nils Martin and Nils with the Flock Falling by the weather witch Martin runs Nils treats Daffi Goonar wakes Nils

Exclusive Pictures

Nil's parents and lil' Nils looking at the stork Aka gathers the flock

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