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Latvian English

Last Update : 4th of June, 1998
I am 15 years old boy from Latvia. Do you now where is Latvia? I am learning in Valmieras Gimnazija. Next year I'll learn in 10th class. This school is really great ,except the old computers in computer class. I have more hoobies than one.
First of my hobbies is playing basketball. I am playing in "Bruga Bumba" this summer. My team is called as "Vizbulji". After three weeks luck is on our side and we are the second in the ranking. Second of my hobbies is hacking. Anywhere. In INTERNET, INTRANET,EXTRANET, anywhere. I like programming in Pascal. I am learning programming in Assembler and Visual Basic, too (ASM more than VB). If you want to send me Pascal or Assembler programs send ME an E-Mail and send the programs as attachements.
If you want to visit any of my pages you must to look on my presented links!

One of my best pages is YarnoBrush page! Do you know what is YarnoBrush? If you don't know then visit this page! YarnoBrush is great graphics composer specified for DOS! Second of the best pages is my PIRATIC There are many goods!!!
If you want to visit my friends KRUKIS (HARRY3(I am HARRY1)) page then click here If you want to visit my favourite WEB page then click here