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Other Anime I've seen/own

Here's someother anime I've seen or own. Mabye when I get some time I'll make a page for them....
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Slayers is a comical series about a young sorceress named Lina Inverse. Along with her Dumb-as-a-rock so called protecter Gourry, Naga the White Serpent, a princess named Ameria who only wants the world to be full of Justice, a cursed chimera, a shapeshifting dragon and a 1000 year old sorcerer, they set out on many adventures stealing from the rich and giving to themselves. I recomend this series to anyone who likes funny anime and doesn't mind a little swearing, skimpy costumes, and a whole lot of beatings.

Gunnm or Battle Angel Alita in Canada. In the scavenger city underneath the a floating city paradise, a cybernetics engineer finds a discarded cyborg whom he names Gally. She has no memory of her past life but discovers she has amazing fighting abilities and becomes a quest to find herself. Kind of dark dingy and serious but neverless a cool movie.
Ruin Explorers is a very funny 4 part {I think} series about a sorceress named Ihrie who turns into a mouse when she uses any magic and a squirrel like creature named Fam {see the picture} they set off on a quest for the ultimate magic. Joined by the crown prince Lyle, a snotty sorceress name Rasha, a expert swordsman {his name illudes me at the moment} and a greedy merchant and his dog, they band together to search for the 3 seprate parts that will unlock the ultimate magic.
Ranma 1/2 is a just plain wierd anime about the hardships of a young martial arts expert named Ranma who unfortunetly turns into a girl whenever he gets splashed with cold water. Above all he has been betroved to a girl named Akane tendo whom he doesn't want to marry. There are alot of love triangles in this show so beware. As the plot devolps you meet other characters with similer curses, who, when splashed with cold water turn into ducks,cats, pandas, pigs and other things.
Dirty Pair Flash is the newer version of the original Dirty Pair. This time the lovely angels {Kei and Yuri} are redrawn a teenagers. I've only seen Act 1 and 2 so I'll write about the plot when I see Act 3.
Pokemon Yes I admit it. I have seen a couple episodes of Pokemon. But only a couple! It's pretty hard to miss when you have a 7 year old sister who gets the TV after school! Not that I watch TV much.... anyway.... Pokemon is about some kid named Ash who wants to become to worlds greatest pokemon trainer.
Iczer 1 is about a chick {see the pic} called Iczer 1 who protected Earth from Aliens. Of course aliens came and she had to save the world. She had to bond with this other chick with blue hair and in order for the blue chick to bond she has to get naked and get into this big ass mecha machine and go beating up the aliens big ass mecha machine all over Tokyo {I assume it's Tokyo}...yadda yadda yadda... This is an anime not for kids!!! There's some nudity and I swear to god everyones a lesbian!!! Also there are some real gory parts. {The aliens kinda mutate people into bug...} It reminded me of that Parasite comic {I think thats what it's called...}
Galaxy Express 999 In the future mankind has made quite a number of advancements in space travel. For those with enough money, it is possible to travel on the Galaxy Express 999 from Megalopolis station, on Earth, to a number of places in the known galaxy. Tetsuro Hoshino wants to board the Three Nine very much so that he can travel to Andromeda and get a free mechanical body. With this new body, he hopes to take revenge on Count Mecha, who hunted down and killed his mother. Tetsuro finally manages to get a ticket on the Galaxy Express 999 with the help of an odd girl named Maetel.
Sakura Wars I only found the first three episodes. Set in Tokyo, the capital has been atacked many times by demons. A group of scientists create Spirit Armor which can protect the city but can only be run by someine with a high spirit reading. This show is about the six women {and a man I think} who can run the spirit armor and protect the story. My image Gallery