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Rik Mayall


  • Name: Laura Mailer (prefer to be known as Riks number 1 bird)

    Age: 16

    Location: Liverpool

    Profession: I have just left school and I hope to become a model

    Hobbies: Riding my horse, watching bottom all the time & loving Rik Mayall

    D\O\B: 25\7\84

    Favourite films: Drop Dead Fred & Guest House Paradiso

    Starsign: Leo

    Favourite person: Rik Mayall

  • Name: Sian Victoria Woolaway

    Age: 18

    Occupation: Student and childminder/amateur actress (aren't we all?!)

    DOB: 21/4/81

    Starsign: Taurus (but hopefully I'm not in the least bit bovine)

    Hobbies: Watching Bottom (and anything with Rik/Ade in it, of course!),windsurfing, writing plays, reading, salsa dancing, anything comedy.....

    Fave films: When I was about 10 (I think) Drop Dead Fred came out and it was my favourite film for ages....I liked the Matrix, Guest House Paradiso(naturally!), Shawshank Redemption, anything without Julia Roberts/Hugh Grant/Leo di Caprio, really.

    Favourite comedians: Apart from the obvious, I love Eddie Izzard, Lee and Herring and Barratt and Fielding. NOT Joe Pasquale or Tim Vine!! I'm a bit of a comedy freak, actually :o) Simon Pegg is also fantastic.

    And another thing: I used to teach Ade and Jennifer's niece Emily to cook (at school last year.......) l

  • Sian co- runs the Ultimate Comedy Web site here!
  • Name: Lucy Glover

    Location: England

    Ambition: To become a screenwriter

    Hobbies: Rik Mayall, Simon Pegg, Spaced, Bottom, Comedy

    Favourite film: Withnail & I

    Starsign: Cancer

    Favourite comedians: Rik Mayall & Simon Pegg