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                           Screen Shots

See the beast in action! Here you will see several screen shots of Vortendo
running different games, i hope to change these pictures once in a while, so
stay tuned, and i'll let you know.

Vortendo Main Screen (GUI)

The Load ROM... Dialog screen, NO more Black!

Excite Bike Title Screen Using Black_White pallete

Excite Bike Title Screen using LCD Screen pallete

Excite Bike Title Screen, using Vortendo Personal Pallete

Excite Bike Title Screen, using Red Pallete

Arkanoid Title Screen. This game runs amazingly.

Arkanoid In-Game Shot, where Speed can be seen. *Note* this game runs
full speed, in a p-100 with frameskip 0.

PAC-MAN. The classics being played with Vortendo.

Snow Demo. Runs amazingly fast, and with the best control response.