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                           Links & Links

Here is some pages, that i like it, and i think you'll like too, these good pages
aren't waste of time. If you wanna good pages. Here they are.

News Sites :

 Emulation HQ  - > Very Good News Site. Updated daily.

 Emulation Camp - > GREAT News site, Updated several times a day.

 Zophar Domain's - > One of the best news site. Updated regulary.

 Emulation Unlimited -> A very good news site.  Updated regulary.

 Darkmazda Domain -> Another Very good news site. Updated ASAP.

 TOTAL EMULATION -> THE BEST NEWS SITE. Updated all the time.

 Emulatronia - > The Best Spanish news site.

 RetroEmu  - > The BEST BRAZILIAN news site.

NES Emulator Sites :

 Pretendo -> NES Emulator for Win 9x

 RockNES  - > NES Emulator for DOS / Win

 SadNES  - > NES Emulator for Win9x

 NES 9x  - > Portable NES Emulator

 Squeem -> NES Emulator for Win9x

Since there are too many nes emulator. This part ends up here.

Technical Docs / Sources :


Not that much huh?

I think that with these sites. which i visit everyday, your daily amont of emulation will be covered.